TiCats and GC

I assume the Ti Cats will be in BC Nov 30th.
Therefore what do you know about the Fairmont Airport Hotel and how far is from the airport to BC Stadium?

never been but have to assume it super expensive though

Never ass-u-me ! and there is a new invention called Google !

I understand what "assume" can do but I try to have a positive attitude. I don't trust Google or any other on line site when it comes to hotels and restaurants, they are usually too "positive" or "negative" never "realistic".
Expensive is relative I guess, in order for the four of us to accept the invitation to watch the game we are sending our wives to Atlantis Resort in Nassau. Fortunately since it is the Holiday weekend two company planes are available for us for the weekend.

sounds like you got a lot of room, you could always stop in the Hammer and pick up a few hitch hikers lol

I suggest you go and ask here

[url=http://www.lionbackers.com/bc_lions/viewforum.php?f=2&sid=98d02501c76fca2365dd2984e0574451]http://www.lionbackers.com/bc_lions/vie ... 84e0574451[/url]

You will get much more useful information about potential accomodations.

Thank you, with the time difference we have to stay near the airport for early Sunday takeoff and sometimes airport hotels leave a lot to be desired.

Nice thing about Vancouver, congestion isn't what it is in Montreal or Toronto. Too bad you don't have much time because Vancouver is an amazing city.

We plan our Grey Cup as soon as the last one is over ! We are going for a week, hotels are hard to come by with so many people attending Grey Cup every year !

Should not be a problem with 30 000 rooms in the Vancouver area.

There is the skytrain that you can catch at the Van airport terminal and you can ride it right to the Stadium/China town stop. Skytrain is outstanding you would be at the Stadium in 20-30 min. they run every 5 min.
If you took a cab it would be 1.5hrs


There will be room on the Gulfstream but since our Host invited four of us I’m not sure how many will be in the Suite at the game.

We are planning on having a rental car and driving to the Stadium.

Terrible plan!

Thank you, will take the train. One advantage, don't have to count the Scotch and waters!

It would be like going from Burlington to the Skydome. GO train does it in 25 minutes, driving in to find parking and crowds and various construction and traffis elements 1 to 1.5 hrs by car.

Just a suggestion, but you may want to stay in Vancouver until at least Sunday evening if you're hoping to catch the game.

My mistake I meant Monday depart, coming in on Saturday. Thanks for your suggestion!