TiCats and Bomber Fans - Ante Up! Avatar Betting Thread.

Hey Bomber/TiCat fans,

Big game tomorrow! Gonna be a good one. Both of our teams are looking good going into to the battle here. This game means quite a bit as the season goes. If the Bombers win, they take the series and the tie breaker. And if Hammy wins they continue their ascend through the CFL East Division rankings while closing the gap and leaving the last game between these two clubs as the tie breaker game.

There's been a little twitter talk from a couple TiCat players, and even Caoch LaPolice's wife over this match up. Although the second bye week matchups are bound to be MUCH more exciting than last weeks, I believe this to be the marquee match up of the week.

Let's put a little (online) pride on the table here. If you've seen some of the other betting thereads, you know the deal, if not this is how it works:

I will bet any TiCat fan below that the Bombers will eke out a win tomorrow. Any TiCat fan can bet me the opposite. If Bombers win the TiCat fan has to rock a Bomber avatar for two weeks, and if TiCats win, well OSKEE WEE WEE for me.

All Bomber/TiCat fans can take place. Just a fun way to get some gentle ribbing in and have some fun with betting of a non-monetary nature. Just post below if your down!

Any TiCat fans up for the challenge? Think maybe it's time Swaggerville turned into Staggerville? Let's do this!

Since I regard Avatars and Signatures as an extension of my own personality, I consider them off-limits. However if the Ti-Cats win, you can expect a deluge of well prepared mockings of the whole "swaggerville" moniker. If the Ti-Cats lose, then I will stew in bitter silence with but a single post in the VGCC thread with the week 10 predictions....

Hmm, you must be a real hit at parties.

I'm usually naked.... 8)

mpdid; Their attitude is driven with/by "FALSE PRIDE".

Throw an Avvy on the line EvilDoctor, your still 'the personality' if you lose and if you win, well your keeping that personality and sharing it with me. Not like your odds of winning are bad.

Never! My terms stand: ruthless mocking vs. bitter silence... :stuck_out_tongue:

So you're that guy... :o