TiCats and Als Both Winners

This evenings game was one of the most entertaining games of the year.Both teams showed both good offense and the ability to score points while on defense.For Hamilton,Maas is now doing what he was hired to do-throw the long ball.To date he had been only throwing short.He also displayed good running ability although I wonder why TiCats don't use Holmes more? K.Peterson in the past two games is showing pass catching moves and,what is important,hanging on to the ball-which has been a problem for him in past both in the West and now in Hamiton.For the Als Cahoon was outstanding not only in catching passes but also with his blocking.Edwards continues to impress with his receiving skills.Anwar Stewart in his touchdown interception showed his good speed.On the down side,Stala is having difficulty repeating his pass catching skills of last year.Tonight he dropped passes again.Indeed,the pass he dropped in the last seconds of the first half could have meant a loss for the team.However,with time he should regain his form of last year.A good game for both teams.

excellent game , the CFL at it's best.


I gotta say, no one on the Hamilton team has anything to be ashamed about tonight. They played a heck of a game. This was one of those games where it's a shame that there has to be a losing team. In my opinion, the most entertaining game of the season to date.

Yup to all the morons that laughed because Calgary lost to the Tiger Cats take notice the Cats are for reall and are forming into a very good football team. Take note Bomber fans! :lol:

Congrats Als, see you next week TiCats.....

[quote="redwhite2005"]Yup to all the morons that laughed because Calgary lost to the Tiger Cats take notice the Cats are for reall and are forming into a very good football team. Take note Bomber fans

yup two very improved teams...Bombers and TiCats.....said that at the beginning of the year... :thup:

I took note 2 weeks ago when I predicted the cats winning 2 of there next 4. Now that means a split with the bombers. sounds plausible yes??? The parity this year makes things very intersting

What is with two I stated the Tiger cats are improving! The Bombers lucked out! No that was a great play by Glen and Stegal!

yea tough game for the cats really... the challenge now is moral...over time those losses get harder to handle

Not to many gave credit to the Tiger Cats! I guess you and I did!

This, in my opinion, was the best football game in the CFL so far this year.

  • Lead switched six times
  • Nearly 80 points scored
  • Three interceptions returned for touchdowns
  • Blocked punt
  • A direct snap on a fake punt ran for 35 yards
  • Missed field goal returned for 85 yards
  • Very few dropped balls
  • A lot less penalties
  • Both teams playing real quality football...

I know this must be disheartening for the Cats, for this was their best game of the year and they ended up losing again, but at least, they saw their team now seems to be totally in sync. If they keep that playing level, wins are going to go their way.

Go Als !

I'm with Third. Great competitive football game, and it's a shame there had to be a loser. This one could easily have gone the Cats' way. I know it sucks to be 1-5, but there's no shame in playing your best and losing by a field goal in the last minute. Maas looked great last night, he had rhythm with his deep threats all night long, and Paopao's playcalling seems much better now that he's up in the booth.

I was hoping for an OT, but the Cats are starting to show they power, and we just may see them CO yet.

At 1-5, they’re still far from crossing over.

yeah, but they could turn it around in the 2nd half of the season, and the East could dominate the playoffs!