Ticats and Als bidding war over same head coach??


Charlie Taaffe, the former Alouette coach who is among the leading candidates, if not the leading candidate, for the vacant Ticat head coaching job, is also under consideration in Montreal. It's entirely possible that Popp and his former lieutenant, Cat GM Marcel Desjardins, are headed for a bidding war for Taaffe's services. Speculation in Montreal is that should the Als win their next two games, which would include the Grey Cup, Popp might hang on to the dual portfolio.

unless the als offer him alot more than the ticats are willing to pay, wouldnt the logical choice be: go to the tabbies???

i mean, in montreal, they are a east division finalist year after year, and the year they arent, the coach is to blame...

where as, in hamilton, if u just get a 9-9 season, u are a miracle worker....

what im sayin is, hed keep his job longer in hamilton.

But your chances of making the playoffs when you inherit the Montreal squad are better than your chances of ending with a 9-9 record with the Tabbies, so... all things being even, I'd rather become the headcoach of a team already rolling.

Plus, Taaffe loved the Alouettes. He just left the team in 2001 because so much more money was offered south of the border AND the United-States was a better choice at time for family reasons.

either way, i dont think popp should stay on as coach of the als next year...hes not a coach, and doesnt look like hes doing a good job in montreal right now.

the team looked very unorganized last week in toronto, other then the 4th.

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I'm pretty sure Popp isn't going to keep the coach hat, because a) he's not very good at it and b) I highly doubt we'll win the division final, let alone the Grey Cup. Popp is a superb scout, manager, and recruiter of talent. A superb coach he is not. I hope Taffe comes to Montreal, though I won't grudge hapless Hamilton if the Tabbies get him.

I like Thirds Angle, besides, better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

I think Charlie would appear to be a much smarter coach at the end of next year if he was coaching Montreal. Good players have a way of making coaches look good. But if Montreal is serious about wanting him back I don't think they will be waiting to see if Popp can win the Grey Cup, unless of course that is Charlie's first choice all along, with Hamilton his plan B.

Of course that is very similar to what people said about Higgins when he also took over for Don Matthews in Edmonton, and he is still coaching....
But I imagine Taffe is under consideration by any teams looking for a coach.
I just suspect Popp has not yet even really given much thought to the issue, as he has bigger fish to fry right now.
After the season, he will sit down with the entire management/ownership group and discuss what is best.
But right now, I get the impression he is enjoying himself!

Maybe Taaffe is pulling a Karikari. Maybe he's 78% sure of going to Hamilton, and then...

Do we know how often Bob Young and Bob Wettenhall called him? The number of phone calls can be a difference maker, ya know...