Ticats Among Teams Who Interviewed Maver at E-Camp

A blog written by Rob Maver, the punter/kicker from Guelph who recently attended the CFL Evaluation Camp, has been posted on cfl.ca. He notes that he was interviewed by the Stampeders, Argos and Ticats on the Friday night prior to the start of the camp.


The Argos have the first, eighth and eleventh overall picks in the 2010 CFL Draft and the Stampeders have the fifth pick. It will be interesting to see whether the Ticats will try to trade up from their number twelve overall pick at the draft if the Argos do not choose Maver with their first pick. Saskatchewan has the second and fourth choices overall so the Ticats could move ahead of the Stampeders if they swing a trade with the Riders.

who cares about this guy, we dont need him, I dont even want to waste a pick at 12 for punter. The thought makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Kicker is the most important position afer the QB. The 3 teams who interviewed him obviously are interested. I don't think he goes past #5.

A Canadian kid at punter would be nice to have although if we don't get this guy with our twelfth pick we still have Jeremy Ito who plays both kicker/punter and was a star athlete out of Rutgers. I feel just or even more confident having ito as our punter and as a back up for Sandro or to handle kick offs as some back up players do and just have Sandro concentrate on field goals. Remember when Sandro played with Calgary they had a kicker and a punter combo in DeAngles and Harper.

If Rob Maver is chosen by the Argos or Stampeders early in the draft, the Ticats could use their second round pick (12th overall) to select punter Chris Bodnar or gamble that he will still be available in the fourth round (28th overall) as there is a deeper talent pool in this year's draft.

I think signing a NIP punter should be a very high priority. And, if he's been a successful K in college too, that's a great bonus.
The Cats (Stamps & Als too) also interviewed U. of Sask. DB/K/P Grant Shaw at the E-Camp. Apparently he tested well, but his punting avg. is well below Maver's.

It would be nice to see the Cats draft Maver's. but i would not count on him being available, NI PK/ Punter are to valuable !

If they go with the 4 non import rule next year punters will not be valuable at all, not that they are now anyways, all punters are the same there's not much difference between any teams punters. The only punter i ever saw as being valuable would be maybe Cameron or that guy Winnipeg had a couple years ago.

I’d add Hank Ilesic (in his prime) to that list.

If Calgary drafts the kid at 5 that would leave their Canadian punter Western All Star and Sandro teammate Dales available.

Toronto or Calgary will take Maver before we pick.

The way I see this, that balloon the league floated is nothing but a treat at union busting and you keep talking about it like it is a done deal. IMO it is a treat at the union reps, its suicidal for this league to become the Ex American Football league.

This is not hockey, most football players have an education and know how to count.

...glad you said most.....there seems to have been a problem in sask. with counting.....now someone might ask was it the coach or player......will we ever know for sure????? :lol: :lol:

And who is going to punt for us hotshot?


I think not.

Ito sucks at punting.What can he do if he really pushes it? 35 yards??? Cmon...

Ito is a very good punter and place kicker. He proved it to me in the last regular season game last year vs Winnipeg. But we need a Canadian to punt, now that we have DeAngelis doing kickoffs and field goals. In that vein, Ticat management will try their best to trade up to get Maver, I'm sure. But with all the hype surrounding this kid, I don't think Calgary or Toronto will pass him up before Hamilton picks.

The guy with the hardcore mullet???

^^^^ def not westwood, the guy who went to Greenbay. He was by far the best punter I've ever seen in this league.. I think he played one season and they probably won 3 games that year, shows how important punters are lol.

In a draft this deep in talent it would be ridiculous to trade up for a punter, there are 13 positions on a football team more important than a punter. IMO punting has always been a week spot in this league, most punters get horrible hang time, as long as he's able to boot the ball 40 yards you will wind up about even with the other teams punter at the end of the night. football is won by not having to punt as often as the other team.

Right now we have much bigger needs than punter and i dont believe in filling needs through the draft, that's how you end up passing up on future allstar players. From the sound of things we could possibly get a great rush end if we trade up, or that speedy receiver. Our weakness is still Canadian talent, we're still in the bottom of the league with respect to that.

There is Bodnar and Palardy that are available for the draft that are good young kickers. There is Milo out of Quebec also.

To go with an import punter takes away the "advantage" of a NI kicker.

Jon Ryan is the punter you are thinking about. I agree with you that we have far more pressing needs to address in the draft, but disagree that having a good, and preferably Canadian, punter is not important...Both for the ratio and field position game in and game out. Field position is one of the keys to winning any game and nothing can be more beneficial to that end than having a good punter...Or the opposite if you have a bad one.