Ticats @ Als

Figgers He hurt again

What is Black and gold And blue Red all over
Lumsden heading to Dressing Room :oops:

time to put jesse on injury reserve what 2 plays and hurt again

Lumsden off to the dressing room again... wow, big surprise.

Defence hasn't forced Montreal to punt yet. At least give the offence a chance to win the game!

We'll get BLOWN OUT in the second half.

Here's a hint to the D...

Stop trying to rip the ball out and make the tackle!

Man, this defense bites.. STOP them for crying out loud!!!!

very poor coverage by the D and the O looks nothing like last week. Its going to be a blow out if changes are not made now. Also is anyone really suprized Lumsden is hurt yet again? He is way too soft. Just cut him loose

This game looks to be done ..

Nice job Guys

Great another TD at the end. We're terrible at the end of the first half this
year. If we're going to get a FG, we'll fumble or throw an interception. Or
just fail to stop anyone.


okay Take knee

Two Short passes to end the half same as Taking a Knee.

Same defence as last week, but this time offence cant keep up. Looks like they will still be looking for their first back-to-back win...

Unfortunately our defense still stinks. No pressure on AC and no-one can make a play on the ball. Coverage is way too soft. And sorry....I would have left Ernest Jackson in rather than put Chris Davis in. When something works....stay with it.

Nothing new for the D, its been this bad all year…i dont think its athletes, its Creehan.

what a Boring half time for the grey cup
Theory of dead Man Come on ?
The CFL could do Better for half time show then a 3rd Rate Rock band..
How about Rush or another Real Canadian Band the Hip..

I guess Michel Pagliaro was booked that week....

Nice play short kick.
1st Down Ticats

So because you don't like them they are boring??
They are Canadian and rather popular right now I persoanlly think it's a good choice!

Jesse 1 play and back to the IR lol

Keith hurt now

Another lead with the helmet that goes uncalled.

Poor Keith

Same old story, no pass rush. Calvillo is just picking cherries out there.

Did anyone else notice the bone sticking out of Keith's arm?

Pathetic defense going on here