I think CATS are due for an upset because of the injuries to Montreal :

Whitaker, Bratton, Perrett (starting right OT), Jenkins (best DT), and Williams (starting field corner).

Burris is an Als killer.
and the addition of COBOURNE AND CHEVON together :

COBOURNE loves to play against Montreal and he is tough and experiences and can get the tough yards and he protects BURRIS well . Chevon is a threat with his speed on the outside so it gives the DEFENCE of Montreal more to worry about and to think about and more for BURRIS to use .

My hunch is HAMILTON will win because of so much less pressure and they are at home too.

If they win all looks rosey as I expect Edmonton to lose in calgary this week and Toronto ( no ray ) in WINNIPEG to lose as well

if we don;t win this weekend then we are really pushing our luck is winnipeg is surging too now

In my eyes playoffs should be for teams with a winning record or at least .500 ...seems the cats are always looking to back into the playoffs ....
if we can't beat montreal at home and can't beat the argos in the rival game and can't beat a deflated wiinipeg team in a must win game then we just don'tr deserve to bin the playoffs period ..

Pretty much. Als are going to Hamilton on a short week with one short pracitice, with a quarter of their starters injured for a game that means little in the standings for them. If your team can't take this one...

I am not going to make ANY predictions, because the only predictable thing about this Team, is it's unpredictability.
When I thought they were going to lose a game ( Edmonton ) - they end up winning. When I thought they should be winning ( Winnipeg , last-place Team ) - they lay an egg.
So, I'll just wait till the clock ticks down to 0, and check the score.
But if there is any light at the end of this tunnel, is that if Hamilton continues to lose, they should at least get some high picks in the CAN. draft ( assuming they get someone competent, who knows how to pick talent ).

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I wouldn't predict a win, The ALS are looking better these days even with a new RB. I think the cats will find a way to lose
even if they play a good game and everyone are on the edge of their seats.

Hope is eternal for some fans but not for me. :thdn: