Ticats-Alouettes Score?

As the self-proclaimed, unofficial winner of last week's contest, I feel obliged to open up a forum for this week's prognostications...
I'll start it off with...

Ticats 22

Alouettes 18

Tiger-Cats 25
Alouettes 21

The Allwets will come here to hurt us and brake Kevin Glenns bones so we better be ready ..... Cats 27

                                                                                                                                   Allwets 24    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Currently, Ticats 0, Als 0.

I win. No?

Ok, given the clear weather for tomorrow, I expect a total shoot-out from both sides.

Ticats 38
Als 32

Ti-Cats 32
Als 29
I can't even remember the last time the Cats won 5 in a row plus with Montreal coming off a loss it should be an interesting game back-up QB or not.

Montreal - 29
Hamilton - 23

Ticats 29 Al 25

You never did give me those lottery numbers! :twisted:

Ticats 25 Larks 19

Ticats 33

Als 24

It's time for a blowout, and the ti-cats need to show they can go the distance this year, with or without A.C. as QB. 42-10 HAMILTON! :thup:

Ticats: 34
Als: 18

Defence gets a Touchdown in this one.

24-20 Ti-Cats

Cats 28
Als 17

Ti-Cats - 28
Alouettes - 27

I think this game will be decided by kicking.