TiCats @ Alls post-game thread - Kiss the 2019 Witches vol XIV

We won the so-called “meaningless” game.
It sure means a LOT for the players.

Orlondo stuck with most of his first teamers through most of the game. Don’t think he considered it meaningless?

It means a lot to the fans and to the coaches too! Knew that they could turn it on when they needed too.

I was only able to catch part of the game, what’s our injury report?

Awesome win, Orlando staying true to his word. The team doesn’t play scared, even with first place locked up

Speedy for MOP.

Breaux was icing his knee and didn’t play most of the game.

He might have wrapped that up, today. I hope so.

When Addison went down (briefly) my heart skipped a beat or two

The TSN panel seemed to think so. That was a DOMINANT performance by Banks!

Both teams suffering burns from Banks radiating so much awesomeness.

This is completly new territory for us at 14-3. Must say feels awesome!

Their 1st team offence looked scary. Our offence can match up with theirs, but can our D stop them? …and they were resting some players.

They have a very good team, would not take them for granted; its great to have home field advantage.

Should be a wrap for Speedy…but you don’t know what biases biases sports writers hold.

I was thinking he might have just had the wind knocked out of him. It was good to see him back in the game later but I wonder if was used more sparingly? He’s an important player to keep healthy.

Yes the D was playing more open early in the game - a bit “soft” but they got stops later in the game when they needed to.
Scoring in the second half - Ticats 24 Larks 5!

And with that “W” today we have officially won as many games this year as we won the last two years combined . 8)GAWD I LUV THIS TEAM !!! 8)Can you say 14-3 ?? soon to be 15-3 !!! I knew ya could !!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink:

Might as well get it out of the way now…

Coach of the year…Orlando
Outstanding player…Speedy
Defensive player…Simoni
Grey Cup champs…TI-CATS

Yup I can’t wait to change my signature from 15 Championships to 16 . 8)

I feel like we’re all in.
Starters are playing. We’re going to do what we do.
Injuries happen, we have depth.

Acklin rookie of the year. Williams ST player of the year. Van Zeyl lineman of the year.

Coach O built a winning culture.

He has shown it is not ok to NOT compete!

If the Cats are playing, they are playing to win.

Glad I wasn’t presumptious.


Now, the Roman Numeral for 15 is XV. I’m looking forward to its usage next week. :wink:

For sure.