TiCats all National DT starters and rotasion.

With Laurent and Bulcke Hamilto acquired two of the top CFL DTs of ant status National pr international. Gaydosh now entering his first full CFL season after time spent of NFL IR in his 2013 rookie season. Was released by the NFL club final cuts in 2014 before joining the Cats mid season.
Bulke in 2013 and Laurent in 2014 wee key FA pickups. With both all stars and all star potentential
Only Bryom
A healthy Hazime give the riders a smaller quicker DT and can swaing out to DE as a run stopping DE. At the end of that list is a former Hamilton Draft picks.
Out of Boise St spent his first season o the IR. In 2014 managed to play in 8 games His 6'0" 312 he was a specialty player on Short Yardage. Playing the NG spot his short but poerfull frame allowes him to get under the center and allow the LB to fill the gaps.
International Bryan Hall was able to fill in when Bulcke had a career ending injury. With Gyadosh considered CFL ready he had an offer from the NFL but after injuries in his taking him off tthe NFL Raider. Gaydosh now entering his 3rd pro season should / could fill the role behind All Star Bulke aan Laurent.
Hall had a very good season after filing into the starting line

  1. There is a very good tool called "spell check". Please use it, I barely understood your post. I THINK you were pointing out Hamilton's all-National Defensive Tackle strength WRT our starters and rotation guys (who would be starters on any other team).

  2. I would like to expand on this with the addition of Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, an excellent National backup/rotational Defensive End who got significant playing tome on ST and positional play for ratio and rotational reasons last season. In fact, he played so well, I only noticed him because he was mentioned by the announcers for being in, and NOT for being burned on a play.

We have some SERIOUS talent on the Defensive Line - to the point that other teams might offer us something seriously good in a trade for one of those guys. Austin, I hope, will play things smart, and not give away the farm (not worried there), but we also need the younger guys for the future.

Lets not forget our 2nd first round pick from last years draft Evan Gill. Tore his ACL in September, he should be ready by Camp :cowboy:

I'll take some flack for this, but unless we're going with an all Canadian interior on the defensive line, Bulcke should be released. We're up against the cap and he's being paid good coin; too much for the role we're asking of him. Before his injury he was essentially a rotational player, with Laurent and Hall getting more snaps. Now you've got Gaydosh, Hazime, and the incoming Girard who can all backup Laurent/Hall. Atkinson too, but I was disappointed by him last season.

I dont think Bulcke is being paid as much as people think he is.. He was a backup in Calgary and has made it known one of the reasons he signed was to be closer to Windsor. :cowboy: