Is anybody but else having login problems with the all access account? Keeps saying the certificate is expired and may be someone trying to hack my account

Nope…I just logged in.

How do people accumulate over 48,000 yards. I’m on this site all the time and I’m at almost 15,000 but nothing to redeem for all my effort.

Anyone with any insights why we do this?

Well you get 10 yards for every $1 you spend at the Ticats store. If you have that kind of money you might as well just buy whatever stuff the yards would get you. That's the only way I can think of though that anyone would get to 48000. Yards reset at the beginning of the season.

If you have a lot of time you can keep loading older articles at ticats.ca. Don't know how far back you can go but it really takes a while.

One cheat I've figured out is if you click through the special offers it will give you yards more than once - every few days it seems to work. Might be good for a few hundred over the course of the season.

I'm convinced those with over 20000 are buying their way to the top or figured out a loophole of some kind.

Rigging....so what's the point in collecting yards then? What do you get for the yards? The only thing to redeem them for is at 30,000 for a helmet.

I have gotten that error too, basically their secure certificate for their website is expired, so the website isnt secure as it's supposed to be.

Yeah can't understand how some have 35,000 yards I've bought a few jerseys and still haven't received anything for them...I have about 11,000 but you can't get close to anything because the product is sold out

Email support and ask. Link at the bottom of the Allaccess web page in small letters. I did and now the Drake Nevis jersey (that had zero avail. from when it was posted) is gone. I don't get the whole reason behind this site other than waisting my time.
I have emailed twice with no answer yet.

No kidding...it's frustrating sometimes...AND, did you notice that that same post for the jersey had it down as a NEVIS "QB" jersey. I'm surprised they even finally removed the Buffalo Wings offer that expired last DEc. 31st 2015 that was still up in August...lol.