Ticats advance to Eastern Final with win over Alouettes

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are headed to the Eastern Final.

Thanks to a big second quarter from the Ticats defence that forced three turnovers that led to 13 points, Hamilton defeated the Montreal Alouettes 23-12 in the Eastern Semi-Final and have advanced to the second round of the 2021 CFL Playoffs.

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Montreal had more net yardage, more 1st downs, more 2nd downs and most importantly, more fumbles. The Als pretty much killed themselves. The ticats were lucky today - plain and simple.

That would be accurate. But they won. Although if I was an Argo fan I wouldn’t have seen anything to worry me. Their apparent game plan of rope a dope and wait for numerous turnovers is unlikely to work again. They need to play way better to beat Toronto.

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I'm a life-long Argos fan, so I wouldn't be heartbroken, no matter who won. The thing that disappointed me, in the game, was that I saw a lot of non-calls by the officials. That drives me nuts, when there are obvious calls that aren't made and they impact the outcome of the game. My biggest complaint.

You and many others my friend. CFL officiating leaves a lot to be desired.


I am glad that the Ticats are facing the ARgos and not the Als - the Als would have given the ARgos are real hard time.

Well, I gotta say, I'd have been pretty disappointed if the Riders had won the WF because of Duke William's non-catch. When headquarters is making non calls, you are right. There is a lot to be desired.

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