Ticats add three to coaching staff

I am just saying...as the saying goes

Could it be that the fans who disparage Jim know less about his coaching ability than George Cortez
who worked with him in Calgary and other Head Coaches and G.Ms who keep giving him jobs in the CFL?


[i]2010 Special Teams Coordinator Saskatchewan Roughriders

2009 Defensive Coordinator/DL Coach Edmonton Eskimos[/i]

2005 Head Coach Winnipeg Blue Bombers

2004 Special Teams Coordinator/DL Coach

Interim Head Coach Winnipeg Blue Bombers

[i]2003 Defensive Coordinator Calgary Stampeders

2000-02 Defensive Line Coach Calgary Stampeders[/i]

1996-98 Head Coach Saskatchewan Roughriders

[i]1994-95 Defensive Coordinator Saskatchewan Roughriders

1992-93 Special Teams Coordinator/DL Coach Ottawa Rough Riders

1991 Special Teams Coordinator/RBs Coach Ottawa Rough Riders[/i]

1985-90 Head Coach University of Ottawa

1982-84 Head Coach Ottawa Sooners (CJFL)

1979-81 Special Teams Coordinator/DL Coach Carlton University

1978-81 Defensive Coordinator/LBs Coach St. Pius X High School

1976-77 Head Coach St. Pats High School


Sometimes great players make average coaches look like great coaches

Most of the time average players make great coaches look like average coaches.

It all boils down to...players make coaches; coaches don't make players.

I full heartedly disagree with this statement. it is a 2 way street. You need to have not only great players, but the correct collection of great players.

Coaches provide guidance for their players and work on getting them to gel and work as a unit. They spend hours upon hours reviewing footage of other teams to find holes and tells, and even more hours reviewing to see their own guys. They design the secondary coverage, decide when and how to blitz...designing plays that tell each player where to be. They put play packages together that shape the offense. They come up with blocking schemes. They train their players what to watch for and tell them how they are supposed adjust prior to and during a play.

Players execute a coach's game plan. One he has devised to keep the team on the same page. A player who thinks he is above following this chain is a player who causes broken plays. You can have the best player in the world, but if he doesn't do what the coach wants you will eventually get burned. You can have a weak player, and if he can not execute the game plan the team will break down.

I'm not saying Daly isn't without skills...he has done some good things...it just was not the case during his last tenure. But lets look at his head coaching record. 28-52...best season his club finished 3rd at 8-10, losing in the grey cup...one would think that this should be built on right? No...the next year the club went 5-13.

He has climbed his way up the ladder nicely a few times, only to end up out of a job, and back where he started at a new club. Perhaps that sucked some of the wind out of his sales when he was ST coach in Regina...perhaps now it is back. I personally have never been a fan of Daly's football prowess. I personally have never seen any of his CFL personnel he was in charge of excel. Lets put it this way...he has never been considered for a coach or assistant of the year award. You can flash all the credentials you want...there are a lot of people who have professional designations that I wouldn't let work on/around my house...amazing credentials mean nothing...lets see results. Daly has underachieved a lot (although he was a pretty good Line coach), and to say that all these jobs he has held on all these team had bad players surrounding him seems silly to me.

Good points, depop.

Regarding this point...

You need to have not only great players, but the correct collection of great players.
The Head Coach also has to have top notch co-ordinators because they do the bulk of the coaching that you describe.

This leads me to this point...

to say that all these jobs he has held on all these teams had bad players surrounding him seems silly to me.
Maybe Daley couldn't find a good coaching staff to prepare those teams or maybe they didn't have good enough players to achieve a good record.

He is not going to be our Head Coach. He is going to coach fundamental football,

so hopefully he will do a good job of co-ordinating our great Special teams players.

Special teams were fairly solid last year. Let's wait and see what Daley has to offer and how the players react. Kind of early to bitch about a guy when the team has not entered training camp.

Just a point about Daley's unit in the 2010 Grey Cup game where Duval's 'tells' were obvious pre-snap. Based on watching that play many times, it seems as if the SSK players did indeed sniff the trick play out. Players jumped the snap and there were at least two tacklers on Deslauriers right away. It was Deslauriers's second and third effort that secured the first down for the Als and kept the chains moving. I'm not a Daley fan, but in that instance, he did have his players ready for a fake. They were just beaten in the trenches.

Although not flashy or innovative like our own Mike O'Shea, Jim is a steady x's and o's coach.

Well that's inspiring.

We've got the human version of a Toyota Corolla coaching our special teams.

I wonder if there will be any more coaches hired on the defensive side of the ball. On offence we have a HC/OC, and coaches for receivers, QBs, running backs, and linemen. On defence we have a DC and a DB coach. So far that's it.

Heard Cortez on AM900. Said the team will sign one more coach at the linebacker position. Creehan will be dc and d line coach.

8) So the only holdover coach from last years team is OL Coach, Doug Malone.

Hmmm. One of the areas I was really hoping for change. The O-line hasn't been good at run-blocking for a few years now. Pass-blocking has been pretty good, but they don't seem to be able to open up many holes for the runningbacks. Maybe that was a result of Glenn's immobility, allowing the defences to key on just the RB. With any luck at all that'll change with Burris taking over. But I don't like having to depend on crossing my fingers on this.

The O-line coach's job is to drill the O-linemen on the fundamentals of their position
and shows the individual O-linemen ways in which to improve the techniques they use.

CatFanInOttawa, Doug Malone has a couple decades of coaching under his belt

Kelly Bates is stepping into coaching BCs O-line this year right after retirement.

Why not? experienced veteran O-linemen have been instructed
in the techniques used at the O-lineman position for many years.

[url=http://www.bclionsden.ca/blog/2011/04/27/kelly-bates-returns-to-lions-den-as-a-coach/]http://www.bclionsden.ca/blog/2011/04/2 ... s-a-coach/[/url]

Kelly Bates will be assisting the Lion's Offensive line coach

I am pretty sure the Lions know right now that he will be effective
in imparting his knowledge to the O-lineman right from the start.

So, are you saying that the lack of effective run-blocking was down to the OC and his schemes, and not the OL coach? If so, I retract my previous statement.

I hope they consider OTIS FLOYD.

I am no expert but most of the O-linemen seem to be highly regarded by our football operations team

so I am sure that they have the ability to perform their run blocking techniques quite adequately

Defences study film. Game planning, disguising plays and mixing things up is so important.

Khari Jones was a rookie at doing that last season. That must have really hurt our running game

Avon Colbourne is an excellent running back but if a D-lineman, MLB or a defensive back

recognizes what's coming and makes the proper read on a running play and jams up the hole

the play will fail even though The O-line is successfully blocking the man in front of them.