Ticats add three to coaching staff

Special teams coordinator: Jim Daley
DB coach: Nelson Martin
RB coach: Ryan Sheahan

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/cortez-adds-three-coaches-to-ticats-staff]http://cfl.ca/article/cortez-adds-three ... cats-staff[/url]

Upset that Brad Miller is not back with the team...

I would love to see Otis Floyd hired as an assistant :thup:

Welcome to the new coaches.

My brother in law knows coach Sheahan quite well.

I wish them well and hope they all contribute to improving the team this year and in the years ahead.

The Daley hire is a bit strange. It'd be akin to Saskatchewan hiring Bellefeulle as offensive coordinator this year.

Were there no other options available?

Daley was horrible in this role with the Riders.

I'm with Realisticfan, I would rather they kept Brad Miller....the other two I don't know...I will have to put my faith in George's judgement...

What exactly does the special teams coordinator do?
It doesn't sound like a very hard job...

Hi Makaveli:

They map out strategy and plays for the kickoff and punt return teams, as the OC and DC do for their respective units.

I remember not so long ago that we did not cover or do runbacks particularly well. Since Brad took over, I've noticed a considerable improvement.

They are the third unit on the team and can contribute mightly to your field position and your possiblity of success in the game.

Take a look at some of the games from this past season.

It's also a bit tough to "train" some of the guys who are new to the CFL about the "no yards" rule. :lol:

Arguably special teams were the best of the three units for us last year.

Unarguably, they were the most consistent.

Maybe a lot of that was due to two players in particular - one who’s left us (Thigpen) and one who might (Medlock). But there’s 12 guys on the field, and I don’t think we got burned for a TD all year, so people must have been doing their jobs.

Oh well.

I get that...
But I wouldn't say its very complex, the hardest part would be picking the guys you want out on the field. A good kicker and a good returner pretty much make your special teams without them your guanna suck no matter how good the coach is.

A great returner can make a special teams unit much more effective. But, if you watch some great returns, in most cases that great punt or kick off returner get that wonderful start from some effective blocking and blocking schemes. The co-ordinator sets all that up.

Makaveli, I’m with you regarding the relative importance of Special Teams Coach in the overall scheme.

But. what do we know? Remember that Michael O’Shea created his whole aura of expertise doing just that.
I think that perhaps his value was vastly overrated. But it is what it is…

Just as you finally take a step forward you then take two steps back.

Hiring Daley is just dumb....

8) The "Tipper" agrees with you, "Tripper" !!! :wink:
  It just appears to be the "OLD BOYS NETWORK"  at work once again.

   I guess George felt sorry for his old buddy Daley, who was unemployed !!!

My god...this is a joke with Daly right?

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/story/2012/02/03/sp-cfl-tiger-cats-coaches.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/s ... aches.html[/url]

oh man....I hadn't seen that....I hope for Cat fans he does better than he did in Regina. Could not see a trick play coming if the punter was subbed for the QB and never ran a sneak play or reversal or ANYTHING in an entire year. Had 2 previously great returners go sour on him in one season (I still believe that was all him).

WOW...I am just shocked! He seems to have zero vision and didn't seem to have any player respect. This is stunning! It was perhaps one of the worst jobs as a coordinator I have aver seen, and that is saying a lot! I mean, I could understand having bad returns if you were going for kick blocks, but they really rarely did...so down field blocking should have been better, but his schemes just sucked.

I hope he does well...you Ti-Cat fans deserve better. Perhaps his fall from grace in Regina will improve him this go around.

Wow your really starting to scare me. I don’t know too much about Daly but is he really that bad? The guy has quite an extensive resume going back to the 70’s. He must know something if he’s had that type of longevity.

It is a bit of a puzzling hire. . . the guy's got more than nine lives it would seem. . .

I recall that Winnipeg fans were fed up with him as head coach and were pleased when he was discharged from that position, and I also recall that Saskatchewan fans were calling for his head when he coached their not so special teams.

Have you ever heard of a team never running a trick ST play, blocking a kick, having the most ST fumble losses and having what I believe was the lowest return average in the league all the while being 1 of 2 teams not returning a kick that season (Stamps were the other)? Daly did all that in Saskatchewan. He had Dorsey and Mullen that season. Both started alright and got progressively worse during the season. They also had I believe 5 kicks returned on them (2 missed FGs by the Als in the regular season).

Players would not stand near him on the sideline. They did not respond well to his screaming...you could see a clear disconnect there...I mean it was obvious!

He also could not read a fake for the life of him. I recall at least 2 occasions where half the stadium or more was yelling "ITS A FAKE" well prior to the snap...one of those was in the Grey Cup...that one remains vivid. It was the right place on the field to fake, and the right time. Duval was looking back and forth at the end of the lines seeing the lineup. And the tell all...the Als had lined up in a different punting formation for the first time in the game (I think this was 5th or so punt), by re-alignment of backfield blockers...it was fairly obvious they were at least giving him a green light if he saw something.

I don't think the club ever stopped a fake that year to be honest. You can chalk that up to players BUT Kavis did pretty well before him (I'm sorry...the 13th man was not his fault alone...players need to know their assignments at that point. Even if you pin that on him it was but one blemish...albeit a huge one...on an otherwise great job during the season), and Craig Dickenson seemed to do well with the ST last year...one year removed. It was one of the few bright spots on the season. One must also point out that that very core of players was in 3 of 4 Grey Cups, and the one season they didn't actually set a record for the most lost minutes due to injury in a season...I mean come on...7 broken legs in a year (sorry, off track, but I have never seen a club have players dropping like that before and pray I never will again...all I am saying is they had skills)

What about punting for a rouge to win?


Dig up some footage on that sucker...ball on 28 (35 yard FG), last play of a tied game. You send out your solid FG kicker in Congi, you opposition decides to freeze him. Now you watch Daly walk about 7-8 yard over to Miller and say something in his ear. Miller believes in his Coordinators...He is there to manage the team, and trusts his staffs judgement...this is the right thing to do...unless one of those guys is Daly....for what has Daly said he wants to do...he wants to attempt punting it 48 yards for the win!

The punt is short, it goes into OT, and the Riders win anyways...likely saving an arse or 2...but wow.

Now I am sorry, I found footage, but it is a little short at the beginning. Longer footage would actually show that...missing about 15s here...but if I find a link I will re-post it, because it is plain as day what occurred.


Like I said, being axed may have been a good thing for him...sometimes that changes a person...but it is not the first canning he has received, so I wouldn't hold my breath. I sincerely do hope I am wrong and he excels, but personally even if he does, I would not have hired him on...no way no how...I would have given a youngster a shot...knowing he needs to prove himself

TSNDaveNaylor David William Naylor @ I think Jim is a good football man. Maybe not a CFL head coach, but a competent assistant. Known him a long time.
Finally someone thinks positively about Jim Daley.