Ticats add Reinebold, Stanley

Since you're an Als fan every opinion you have will be differing. Your pro-Als comments belong on the Als board. How would you like it is a bunch of us from here went to the Als board and started posting pro-Ticat comments?

I have had this account for almost 7 years now and have only ever made 2 comments on other teams boards. This is out of well over 3000 posts. One on the Lions board to ask a Lions related question and once on the Als board where I was told by YOU to go back to my own teams board.

Are double standards and hypocrisy commonplace with you? This is a place for Ticats FANS to post. Save your pro-Als and anti-Ticat comments for your own board. In other words.. take your own advice that was offered to me a couple years back.

Zenstate - I agree with you 100% - Outsiders should make their smart ass comments on their OWN site. If they want to troll, do it somewhere else.

I have no problem with differing opinions, that's the good thing about a forum such as this. I also learn from reading various points of view.

However, when these comments are mixed cruel and mean spirited insults aimed at other posters and members of the Tiger cat staff and players, then it's a totally other matter.

I have read many comments from other teams' fans and posters over the years and welcome their point of view and insight. On the other hand, some Als fans who come to this site seem to leave their civility at home and only carry their arrogance here.

It's not needed on this forum, Thank you.

Uh, zenstate, you’ve been on my Foe list for years. Don’t bother with the vitriol. :lol:

"Uh, zenstate, you've been on my Foe list for years. Don't bother with the vitriol. "

Enough with the Foe list silliness, he is as entitled to his opinion as you. Because he disagrees with you doesn't mean a thing. You come with as much vitriol as anyone on this forum.

And yes, for the record, I'm on your foe list too. Not that it matters at all.

I wonder if our coaching staff is now complete for 2013. We have not named a QB coach or a running backs coach. I notice that all other CFL teams have at least one of these positions in place, and two (BC and Montreal) have both. Winnipeg and Montreal have a combined position of OC/ QB coach. We are the only team that has neither. Our OC is doubling as receivers coach. Does the absence of a QB coach and RB coach seem like a good strategy?

I think Reinbold is a solid hire - Kent is a very intelligent and demanding coach so I would trust his judgement on this

Stanly is a nice hire as well although he will really be more of a quality control coach I think than the actual DB coach - I think Steinauer plans on being a little hands on here and Stanly was a computer whiz with the Argos

Kent Austin is the QB coach. The staff hasn't been finalized so I would think they're still in the process of hiring a RB coach.