Ticats add Reinebold, Stanley

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Looking through Reinebold’s list of previous coaching positions, and the only ones he hasn’t held at one time are OL and RB coach. We wanted experience? Think we got it.

8) Wow...never thought I would ever see the Cats hire Jeff Reinbold !!
    He had quite the reputation when he was HC of the Bombers.  Of course that was many years ago, and he has probably
     settled down a lot since then.

      It didn't work out too well for him in Montreal last year though.

       Wonder if he still rides his Harley to practice ???    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

        I wish him the best of luck here in Hamilton.  He is quite the character, for sure !!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

i wonder why jim daly didnt want to or get a interview i liked what he did for us last year. But in the words of the great obie better is better. i say onward and hopefully upward

I recall that a lot of posters on this forum were very negative at the time of Jim Daley's hiring as STC.
Today, all I can do is hope that I'm as surprised at the end of this season, with the success of our STC, as they all were at the end of 2012.

Many people were ready to hang Cortez for hiring Daley, and SSK fans were laughing like hyenas about it.Now everybody's all butt hurt that he's gone because he turned out to be a great fit for our team.How about giving Reinebold a shot before we run him out of town?

oh yeah, he got experience. None of it good. watch for the return team production to go way down.

If #80 stays healthy Reinebold will be a good ST coach.
If #80 gets dinged up all bets are off.
You are only as good as your talent.
If I had to pick one are where Reinebold should thrive it would be the heated ST where getting fired up and motivated is 50% of the job.
He will be under employed and fine as our ST coach.
If anyone else struggles on the staff he can lend a hand.
Great hire!!

Last year they had the best special teams in the league and now they change coaches. It makes no sense to me unless Daley and / or Oz wanted to move . Reinebold talks about finding out who the special team players will be. Look at last year's videos. Those are your special teamers unless you want to do what you did with the Als defence last year. This appears to be a giant step backwards . :x

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

We have disagreements:

I tend to line up with Pat on this one.

Reinebold was an abject failure as head coach in Winnipeg.

In terms of his talent assessment, he's the guy who thought T.J. Rubley would be a good starting QB.

Last season, he was a failure as D/C in Montreal, and was let go promptly at the end of the season, no hesitation on the part of the Als at all.

Doesn't give me a warm feeling.

I tend to agree with Pat as well. Jim Daley did a fine job. I think replacing him was unnecessary and unwise. I hope the new ST coach is successful here. If Ozzie is not back to assist the kickers, that will also be unwise. Who knows more about kicking in the CFL than him?

Hey, we're all allowed a mulligan once in a while, right Stanley Jackson? :smiley:


Chris Leak

Last season, he was a failure as D/C in Montreal, and was let go promptly at the end of the season, no hesitation on the part of the Als at all.

Doesn't give me a warm feeling.

Well, the hiring was surprising to me too, Jack, but here's the thing: Reinebold actually has a ton of special teams experience. In Montreal, we made him DC despite the fact that he had never coached defense at any level in his decades-long career. A big mistake. As ST coordinator in Hamilton, his ability to evaluate talent isn't going to be pushed to its limit. Being a good ST coordinator is about getting your players to play with passion, a quality that Reinebold, for all his other deficiencies, definitely possesses. He doesn't have to reinvent the wheel or come up with brilliant ST schemes, just keep his group fired up and mistake-free. With a stud like Chris Williams returning kicks, how wrong could Reinebold go, honestly?

Having said all that, I'm very surprised to see Daley released. I thought he did an excellent job last season, and would welcome him in Montreal in the same role if he were so inclined (you listening, Jim Popp? :wink:).

Remember that there are three aspects of special teams, kicking, returning and coverage. Our kicking game was very good, with Bartel improving over the year. I give Ozzie a lot of credit here, but the talent of the players was also thee, so hard to say if it'll drop off if he doesn't come back. (But I really don't want to find out.) Our punt returns were great because of Williams's abilities. Jones came on at the end in kickoff returns, but the rest of the returners seemed pretty average. As for our coverage teams, I thought they were maybe a bit weak.

So I'm not that upset about losing Daley, as I'm really not sure how much he had to do with our success.

Catsfan said our coverage teams were a bit weak. I'd have to disagree with that and here's my evidence: Onrea Jones, Bakari Grant, Kevin Scott, Marc Fortin, Yannick Carter, Jonathon Hood, Ryan Hinds,Jamall Johnson, Marc Beswick,Avon Cobourne, Daryl Stephenson, Chris Rwabukamba, Matt Bucknor, Sam Giguere, Rey Williams. All of the these players were on the coverage teams and were solid contributors. Even Congi and Bartel made tackles.
I've been a fan for quite awhile and I can't remember better special teams play than last year. I just hope Reinebold doesn't screw them up!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I whole heartedly agree with Discipline on this one, I like this signing.Sure it would've been nice to keep Daley, but perhaps Austin's trying to create a different, more energetic atmosphere.Also, about the people moaning and moaning about us "releasing" Ozzie, Drew Edwards says that we're currently in talks to bring him back so put the tissues away.Yeesh :roll:
Austin's doing fine work so far, hope he keeps it up. :thup: :thup:

Maybe I'm being too hard on them? I guess every team gets some big returns against them. I'd have to check the stats to see how ours did compared to the others. (And taking into account the fact that we didn't have to defend against the best returner in the league.)

Maybe I just miss Jeremy Kelley from two years ago? Not that he dressed for that many games....

I guess I just expect perfection. Turns out we had the third best punt return coverage average. Of course, as I mentioned before, we didn't have to stop the best returner in the league, so might have to add a yard or two to that average to adjust for that. Still not bad. (No similar stats available on kickoffs.)

I was disappointed when this team let Brad Miler go and hired Jim Daley. And look how we did last year with new kickers and all.

And now they're bringing in Jeff Reinebold. I think the above trend is going to come to a screeching holt. Based on his past, no good can come of this.

At least bring Ozzie back so that our kicking won't suffer.

I don't mind d&p, actually. I find he has some interesting insights, and he's respectful, knowing that's a "tolerated" visitor. HfxTC as well, although he can get a little over-the-top at times. But differing opinions is what these forums are all about. I welcome their comments.

FYB? Not so much. Good for a laugh once in a while, though.

Hey, I know that sometimes I’ve hit nerves with posts in this forum. Sometimes justifiably, sometimes less justifiably. I’m more aware now of the need to respect the Hamilton forum as a “safe space” for Cats fans. I just don’t want to be flamed out of hand because I’m an Als fan with a differing opinion. :wink: