Ticats add OL

With Schmidt now on the 9G, the Ticats have signed Import OL Belton Johnson, a former Roughrider of 3 years.


Anybody seen Johnson play, cause this name doesn't look familiar to me.

I've heard of him and he's hung around with a good team for 3 years so.. i'm hoping he's good :slight_smile:

It does say he's played 19 games, so I'll take it he does have some experience.

Check this though: http://www.ticats.ca/roster/show/id/635

Decent looking history, but it appears injury plagued.

Wow, 304 he is a big guy. Just what the Doctor ordered.


The decision to bring in an import right tackle, which we thought would happen after the Jimenez injury or after week one of the all-Canadian O line experiment, has happened now. I thought there might've been an import RT we could bring in, it's just funny how it happened now and not a few weeks ago.

Johnson did start at RT in the 2008 WDSF game. But he has missed quite a few games because of injuries, as you can see here:

2010: Attended training camp with the Saskatchewan Roughriders…was released on June 12.

2009: Played in one game in his third season with Saskatchewan…missed the final 17 games due to injury.

2008: Played in eight games in his second season in Saskatchewan…started at right tackle in the Riders West Semi-Final loss to B.C….missed nine games due to a broken leg.

The last time we brought in one of the players that the Riders recently cut, that worked out quite well for us. Not saying he'll be as good as Thiggy, just saying that being a Rider castoff may not mean you're a bad player.

As long as it's good weight, not 300 pounds of belly flab

Broken leg aside, maybe the injuries were of the "wink-wink, we like you but we do not have a spot on our current roster"

Correct me if im wrong, but don't we have 10 offensive linemen now?


I think when Jiminez comes back we'll release Dewitt.

Spanos is long gone.

Oops :oops:

A friend of mine, who is extremely knowledgable about football said Spanos looked good in camp. I believe he is also a NI tackle. Not sure why the just didn't bring him back.

There were rumours that Jimenez may be back earlier than 9 games. With this signing, I wonder if the injury is worse than initially expected.

Spanos is American