Ticats add OL Dewit, RB/KR Thigpen and release RB Summers

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed non-import offensive lineman Mark Dewit and import running back/kick returner Marcus Thigpen.

The Ticats also announced that the team has released import running back Demetris Summers and placed non-import offensive lineman Cody Husband on the suspended list.


wow - Thigpen must be really impressive for then to release Summers. His stats look pretty good when he was at Indiana, over 1600 yards rushing, in a short season!! First player to rush,kick and punt return for 1,000 yards.
Must be the size issue again with the NFL.

So we replace Summers with Thigpen as the team's KR and backup RB.

Thigpen was released by the Riders on June 23rd according to what is said here: http://www.ticats.ca/roster/show/id/2849

Here are his numbers from two preseason games:

First preseason game:

Kick Returns Name No Yards Avg TD Lg
THIGPEN, M 1 30 30 0 30

Rushing Name No Yards TD Fum
THIGPEN, M 1 5 0 0


Second preseason game:

Kick Returns Name No Yards Avg TD Lg
THIGPEN, M 3 46 15.3 0 26

Rushing Name No Yards TD Fum
THIGPEN, M 2 15 0 0


Interesting how we already decided we wanted to replace a Stamp castoff with this Rider castoff.

And here are two videos of Thigpen returning kickoffs for TDs:

http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZKP2XSX8_O4 http://youtube.com/watch?v=Zjw1TKNALbM

The Riders already have Dorsey and Cates, so they I think they were set when it comes to RBs and KRs.

But I'm sure he's looking forward to July 31st, when the Ticats play the Riders.

I would've liked to have kept Summers but this kid looks impressive.And Drew expects another roster move from the Cats soon.Wonder if it's the signing of another cut down day player or two.

There are 47 players on the active roster now, and that's one over the limit. We need to be down to 46 by Monday. I don't know about us bringing in anymore players released by other teams. I don't know if any other team's final cuts are better than who we have now. Who will be taken off the active roster? We'll soon find out.

I agree about Summers. He came to camp and the exhibition games and made his mark. Made the active roster. Then they cut him in favour of a guy who has never even practised with the team. Just not sure how they can think Thigpen would be better than a guy who has already proven himself good enough to make the cut. It's a harsh business.

I don't understand the move at all but have faith in Obie and the coaches.

Why would The Ride let this guy go if he's that good. :roll: They could do what most teams do with a good player hide him on the sick list. A bit strange. I hope Obie is feeling alright.

Yes I'm a little worried about Obie to. :lol:

Clearly, Obie figures the Riders third string guy is better than our previous second string.

In Obie I Trust.

Cuts and signings arent always a reflection of play alone its how well a player is thought to fit in to a system and salary structure.
Thigpen has the skill set they want an undoubtedly was signed for less money than a veteran Summers.... So you get the speed you want at a discount.

One thing that I think cost Summers his job was his inability to hold onto the ball. In both preseason games, he fumbled, one was a turnover and the other he recovered himself. He's also known for being injured often and I think Thigpen will be more durable.

Because they have Wes Cates, Hugh Charles, and a pretty good little returner named Dorsey. 8)

I thought Summers was going to be a decent player for us, but I’m not sure he was ultimately the answer at KR - he doesn’t have a great burst of quickness after the catch and he didn’t show breakaway speed. Perhaps Thigpen provides those things. We’ll see.

There is some concern among some Rider fans that they shouldn't have let Thigpen go and that he may come back to haunt them. Here's hoping he scares the s@#$t out of them. :smiley:

In Obie I trust. Better is Better. Depth and the ability to recognize talent and certain capabilities.

It could be the same as if someone had snatched up Cobb last year, but Regina fans have no right to whine considering they got P Rod from us for nothing.

Looking at the present active roster of Hamilton,there are 47 players-1above the limit-,i.e. 23 imports and 24 non-imports.Forming this 47 total are:3 QB,4 RB/FB,7 WR/SB,7 OL,6 DL,6 LB,11 DB/CB,2 K/P and 1 LS.


Dewitt sounds like a nice addition, as we seem to be going for a very Canadian O-line, but releasing Summers for a new guy is a surprise. Thgigpen seems impressive, but I think they should have spent some time seeing what he can do in a workout or practice with the team.

The explanation given is that Summers is a RB who can return kicks whereas Thigpen is a KR who can play RB. That's great on paper assuming Cobb doesn't go down. Maybe the better idea would be to cut Fish or Manson and keep Summers on PR just in case.

Fish has already been released, at least on paper! But i have a feeling they are keeping him in a Fish Tank for now, he has not been released in the lake just yet!