Ticats add Marquay McDaniel to the P/R

Beat me to it. :frowning:


Second time lucky with Marquay?

Definitely wasn’t on the list of the guys I would’ve pictured signing. I guess it’s good tho

Gotta agree with you on that . McDaniel was definitely not on my radar screen whatsoever .

Hopefully motivated and in shape. I love the idea of adding an experienced vet to the group. We don’t need a guy to come in and gain 1,000 yards. We need a player that is steady and reliable to add to the stars Tasker and Speedy B.

Good signing

Possession receiver - check
Runs precise routes - check
Seasoned Veteran - check
Knows CGY Offense better than Dickenson - check

Ah yes - just need to get him into the lineup to play against his old team who chose not to re-sign him in the off-season (I think). I’m SURE he’d be motivated to have a good game against them and hand them a loss!

Won’t hold my breath on that though as Jones probably wants him to get familiar with the playbook before putting him on the field. Interesting that Bakari Grant was suggested and I don’t think is any older but they went with McDaniel instead. But then it’s a matter of who’s interested enough to join the team too.

Sure didn’t see this one coming. Hope it turns out well.

Certainly unexpected, but can be a good addition if he’s in shape and still has those hands.

That’s the 1st thing I thought of when I saw he signed. He can now be Glanville’s new assistant next week and if we have to face the Stamps in the Grey Cup. ;D

Wow, surprised at this. First Williams, now McDaniel. Who’s next, Morreale?

Interesting comment, given the way he was derided on this forum while he was here. I guess he learned how to catch after leaving the Ticats.

Or was it just him playing in the shadow of some spectacular receivers at the time?

Not a,fan of the dumpster diving . BUT hes a far better fit than Bakari Grant.

Was an assistant coach at Mac this season.
Not sure that this will even result in him playing for the Cats. Clipped from an article from May:
“I’m definitely done. I’m not a media guy about announcing stuff, I figured I’d do it while I’m here,? McDaniel said. “Sign a one-day or whatever and go from there. I have no desire (to continue playing). I’ll be coaching at a college in Canada somewhere.“I went to spring practices and once I got out there, that excitement was there and I knew … I have no desire to train or come back or anything.?

That’s why he tweeted at the beginning of the season about needing accommodations in Hamilton. Maybe though he’s got the bug back and misses the game. Either way an experienced quality receiver like McDaniel is always welcome in the Hammer whether playing for us or coaching kids at Mac.

Agreed, as long as he’s in game shape.

I suppose the Calgary defence should well know his tendencies and strengths/weaknesses. But still, he is a veteran receiver, and still needs to be covered, especially on man to man situations or second and short. Should cut down the double teaming on Tasker?

Plus, he has some height.

I am a fan of quality scouting and finding the talent that will match your offence. McDaniel may fit the rooster on a short term basis not a long term fix. Developing the talent you have takes quality coaching and patience. Other teams find a few gems and they make an instant impact, few if any of those type of players ever make it to the Hammer.

I don't recall ever saying he could not catch. Honestly I don't even remember who we had other than Stala at that time.
Not sure who said what back then, and if my comment came across as meaning you had said that, it's not how I meant it.

But I do remember being one of very few who defended him at the time. Most people on the forum at the time were of the opinion that he tended to drop a lot of passes thrown his way. I didn’t see it that way, and even posted stats to show that he did not in fact drop any more than the other receivers, aside from Stala, of course, who deserved the nickname “Sticky”.

In 2010, our other main receivers at the time were Stala, Bruce, Mann. And Bauman, who was definitely guilty of the dropsies. The next year, McDaniel, Bruce, and Mann all ended up being traded or cut the following year in favour of a younger crop of receivers, including Chris Williams, Bakari Grant, Marcus Thigpen, and Aaron Kelly. Stala was the only “old guy” who survived this move.