Ticats add Khari Jones as football ops consultant

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday the football club has added Khari Jones as a Football Operations Consultant.

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Probably just a stepping stone to something better. A man has to keep himself busy.

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Happy to see good guy Khari remain involved in the league.

Interesting though that his hire is as Football Ops consultant rather than Coaching consultant.

I think it is Hamilton' s way of transitioning. They did it with OS and june Jones.

He might just be a HC in waiting or OC. He's not just there as a a guy waiting to land elsewhere i don't think.


Good news for Khari and his family. He eventually -next year- could be added to the coaching staff.


Is a consultant part of the front office salary cap??
The Ticats needed this type of hire
He has experience at HC, OC and QB Coach,
pretty much everything the TiCats need some help with!

Did not last long on the market. I'm kind of surprised that he did not take a break. i was sure he was going to end up in BC. He sure will be a good source of intel when Ham plays Mont.

:sunglasses: NO, the Cats did not need this type of hire !!
He was already fired from here several years ago, and yet we bring him back again in our desperation !!

We would have been far better off keeping Jim Barker here, considering all his experience in coaching, GM'ing and scouting and his usa contacts !!

oh well, desperate times equal desperate measures :roll_eyes:

Sure he was let go back in 2011, but maybe he has learned a few more things and developed a few more skills since then...I don't believe it is a desperate move...perhaps more of a potential "prepositioning of resources" should future events dictate the need for change...actually the Ticats might be there already?

I wonder if Hamilton grabbed Khari before Burke reached out from Ottawa. LaPo is on the hot seat there.

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Also will be helpful to Steinauer. I think Coach O is wearing too many hats this season, and can use some help on the football ops side.

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Tommy Condell’s replacement.

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So glad for Khari, I think he was served a raw deal being let go like that in Montreal. I realize this is a sympathy position but he will work it into something more solid and (semi)permanent in short order. Thanks to the Ticat Organization for ensuring he doesn't slip away from the CFL. The new HC @ Montreal - Maciocia, sure didn't get any better results out of the Als. Got a lot of penalties (13 for 193 yards) and lost to a last place Western team.

This is the best move that the Cats have made since last year! Jones bring knowledge of likely the team the Cats will have to beat for a playoff spot - Montreal! Plus, I believe they might be lining him up as their possible next head coach! I hope that Jones can add a much needed spark to this team to get them going - this is now a 13 game season - the Cats can still win the East, but they need to get their butt into gear fast!

Hamilton's gain is Montreal's loss. Maciocia made sure he was going to fire Jones when it presented the best opportunity for him to go in and win his first game. Was so happy to see the Elks beat Montreal.

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So Khari Jones is officially being "Paid" by two CFL teams. The Montreal Alouettes & the Hamilton Tiger Cats :thinking: On behalf of Revenue Canada thanks for the extra tax deduction. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: Does the CFL allow you to collect two different payrolls :question:

Depending how you are paid and if you maintain a home in another country there are significant tax benefits available. It's an area of expertise that player agents excel in.

My guess is that there was a payout in Montreal rather than for Khari to continue collecting a bi-weekly pay cheque.

Good move by Hamilton.

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Yes you can be paid by as many teams as you can get to pay you. CRA doesn’t care, as long as you report your income. In hockey we see it all the time when teams retain salary after trading a player. More complicated there if there are two countries involved.


'Consultant' was the label Chris Jones was wearing last season in Toronto. If Ottawa wants Khari to take over from Lapo in the coming months then I wouldn't be surprised to see him pack up the fam and move to Beverly.

'Hills' that is, 'Parliament Hills'. Dum dum diddy dum dum dum dumb dum dum...

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Except I don’t think that Khari is an improvement over LaPo if they decide to let him go. I would keep LaPo. He is a good coach cursed this year by the schedule and a serious injury to Masoli.

Not sure Khari is an improvement over Steinhauer either, but perhaps over Condell, who might be getting a little nervous about now.

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