Ticats Add Import Offensive Tackle

According to the cfl.ca website, the Ticats added import offensive tackle Marko Cavka to the expanded development roster today:

"Name: 2007-09-12: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

NON-ACTIVE 12-Sep-07

HAM ADD IMP Marko CAVKA (OL) Sacramento State"

Here is a bio on Marko Cavka, who was re-signed by the New York Jets on Jul 25/07 and released by the Jets on Sep 2/07:


Yes he was on Scout Team Today Using #60

Interesting. Several injuries have slowed his career. SOMETIMES these guys turn out to be sleepers because the slightly younger fellows push them out of NFL consideration.

kinda like Claridge a couple years back.... (i hope)

Hell he was good !!!!!!
Was a treat to watch him for the short time he was here!!!

I'm glad we added a lineman because our o-line seems to be getting worse as the season goes on.

Good news but we need a couple more

Dyakowski did fine at tackle last week. Hopefully Woodard shapes up or is shipped out. Cavka sounds interesting as a prospect.

Kid Seems to have very good Feet
Nice long Arms .
You don't want OL linemen with short Arms.

He picked up A Twised Today In Practice Well.
a Twised is when DE Rushes inside a DT Rushes outside.

He Look good So Far but he on Scout team only.
When see how Handle Practice next week.

He not a Travis yet but looked good..

I like to call those "stunts", but it's a good sign that he's got very quick feet to get around the guard.

I was just down at Jackson square and saw this guy. He sure is big.