Ticats add Big-Ten all-time passing yards leader Taulia Tagovailoa

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced on Monday they have signed American quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa to the practice roster.

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Oh wow…

That is a huge signing!

It’s nice that Tiger-cats signed a big QB with a strong arm but let me state the obvious after attending Ticat’s last game against the Stamps, it doesn’t mean anything if the receivers can’t catch the ball. As a lifelong Tiger-cat fan the amount of drop passes in the last game was embarrassing! I hope Coach Scott was right and this was an anomaly because if we see dropped passes against the Riders then Coach Scott and GM Ed should go ahead and CUT THE RECEIVERS ruthlessly. Paid Professional Receivers are “PAID” to catch the football and if you can’t catch the football you are worthless to us. It’s like you’re going in for an operation and the Surgeon forgets how to operate. Like Superbowl winning Coach Bill Belichick always says: “DO YOUR JOB!!!” If you’re a Ticat receiver and you drop passes against the Riders, when the game is over, don’t even wait for them to CUT you, just empty your locker and LEAVE!!!



You’re making it sound worse than it was.

At least 1 catch was a little bit overthrown to White.
You got to admit at least that .

If the coach lets the new, buffed Bo Levi run with the football as he did in Calgary, this guy or Powell will be necessary. A football omen appeared as Bo Levi was taken off the field for a health check after two defenders collided with Mitchell running the ball. In this omen, the message is clear, Bo Levi must not run the ball. After all, many players can run the football.

Anyone else excited to see Hamilton sign him?

I’m an Argos fan and I’m excited!


Yep. It brings a big name to the CFL! Lots of eyes will follow :eyes:

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Mr. Football 2.0??

His older brother Tua is definitely one of the most “Overrated” players in the “No Fun League” :joy: even though he plays with my favorite team south of the border ! :football: Wish Taulia all the best. :exclamation: :vietnam:

I’m certainly interested, but my expectations are tempered about ever seeing him on the big field.