Ticats add American WR Terry Godwin

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced on Monday that the team has signed American receiver Terry Godwin.

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Can't hurt. WR is a weakness with the Cats this year. Acklin's departure seems to have really hurt them at this position.

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Addison's departure, Banks departure hurt more . They are deep burner guys while that other fellow is more of a possession guy, except late in a Grey Cup game .

5' 11"

184 lbs



9 3/8"

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Candidate for bottom of roster or practice squad

53Below Avg

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Carolina Panthers

Round 7 ‧ Pick 23

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40 Yard Dash


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Godwin was drafted in the 33rd round of the 2016 Major League Baseball amateur draft but decided to continue his time with the Bulldogs instead of chasing baseball. He had been named the team's Co-Newcomer of the Year after the 2015 season (nine starts in 13 games; 35-379-10.8, two TD receiving; 4-58-14.5 punt returns). Godwin was also the TaxSlayer.com Bowl Most Valuable Player with four receptions for 34 yards and a score as a receiver and a 44-yard touchdown pass. He started just 4 of 13 games as a sophomore but was still productive (38-397-10.4). He was a starter as a junior (14 of 15 games played), grabbing 38 passes for 639 yards (16.8 average) and scoring six times, including a big-game effort in the SEC Championship Game against Auburn (5-48-1). Godwin's senior season was derailed by various leg injuries early on, but he came back to start 9 of 13 games played (23-385-16.7, three TD).

By Lance Zierlein

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Corey Brown


Tall, thin slot receiver with soft hands, good field awareness and fluid routes. The word "natural" is accurate in describing Godwin's game, but short arms and lack of play strength are hurdles he will have to clear. If he can improve his press-release, he has a chance to become more than a backup with inside or outside value.


  • Adjusts routes to avoid congestion and stay on time
  • Crisp, sharp routes with little wasted movement
  • Routes feature forward lean and consistent play speed
  • Able to tilt defender at the break point
  • Staccato settle-steps for quick in-and-out from his breaks
  • Fluid, soft hands when catching on the move
  • Plucks it with proper extension and decent radius
  • Quick gear-down to catch and dot feet near sideline
  • Was able to eat against Shrine Game cornerbacks. Adequate wiggle and speed after catch


  • Slender frame with skinny legs and short arms
  • Play strength is a concern
  • Struggled to get off press against Vandy's Joejuan Williams
  • Lacks physicality at the top of his routes
  • Average burst out of breaks
  • Has tendency to drift out of turns and stems
  • Small frame and lack of length show up on contested catches
  • Needs to be more aggressive in work-backs to throws
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At 5' 11" your "Tall, thin slot receiver" is obviously suffering from 'height deficiency'. This can be treated by the implimentation of platform sneakers or a poofed up hairdo. See if his 5' 9" "Monsterously huge" brother has cleared waivers yet. :grinning:

I kid... Godwin sounds fast (like 'Godspeed John Glenn').

I'm hoping that Redd WR and Godwin WR replace Pappi White and Durant . That would cause a ripple in the ratio but we need deep threats . Durant has been MIA . If we played the Tampa 2 D then Kats and Adeleke could calm the ratio waters . It is time to shake up the lineup . I want Redd or Godwin to repeat the Milt Campbell Moment .

You're referring to uber speedy guys like 'Lucky Whitehead' or 'Deep Threat Dalton'? We had 'em both in the lineup (not in the same year). Maybe I can help.

First off you need to come up with catchy names for these newly minted receivers of yours. Everyone in our neck of the woods knows that if they sound fast they're gonna be fast. Think of this concept as 'Receiver 101'.

That's why 'Snailpace Sullivan' and 'Oozing Otto' were total busts here. Once we figured out how to properly label our targets things really took off for our receiving corps. It's all about branding.

You're welcome!

How's about Redd Hot and God's Son ?

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SMOKIN'!!! :partying_face: :boom: