Ticats add 4


Shannon James (the former Stamp) LB, Josh Gaines DL, Albert Smith DL and Chris White DL
James is a great signing IMO, impressed with that.
Quick question.
Can James play either DB or DE?
Both position's we could use compititon at more than LB.

I thought James played well while in Calgary. As to your questions, he’s too small for a DE. I don’t know if he’s ever played DB. IIRC he’s got a tweener body, it will depend on his footspeed and coverage abilities.

I'm pretty sure he's played DB in Calgary at one point and even heard DHB mentioned.
That being said, the secondary for the Cats may soon look like:
DHB - Jason Shivers
DHB - Shannon James
CB - Will Poole
CB - Battle between Derek Douglas, Jerome Dennis, Geoff Tisdale, Jykine bradley, Will Heyward, Richie Rich,LaRoche Jackson, etc.
S - Dylan Barker

look's fine to me, hope that's the way it turns out :thup: