Ticats add 2 to staff


Great addition by the cats. Corey Grant has done an incredible job as a wide receivers coach at McMaster University for the past few years and being apart of a Vanier Cup team has tremendous credibility. Very excited to see this guy continue to succeed and we now have 4 members of the 1999 Grey Cup team on staff, Osbaldiston, McManus, Steinauer and Grant. Great implications for future success.

Love the addition. Making all O.P Patriots proud! The Grant brothers are amazing people.

Nice to see Corey back in the hammer. Wonder how he will control the quality of the offense?

I imagine it’s the same thing as an offensive assistant, or at least close to.Just another pair of eyes and ears and a brain to pick.

Good article on the role of Quality Control Coach and the many famous coaches who started their professional careers in such a role.

[url=http://www.milehighreport.com/2011/3/11/2043379/the-role-of-an-nfl-quality-control-coach-denver-broncos-football-scouting]http://www.milehighreport.com/2011/3/11 ... l-scouting[/url]

Lost the Dinwiddie sweepstakes, Grant was plan B.

8) Considering that Tommy Condell is the OC and the receivers coach, I find it a bit strange that they would hire Corey Grant
  as the running backs coach, since he spent his whole 11 year CFL career as a wide receiver.

   He even spent the last 2 years as the receivers coach for Mac.

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for Corey Grant, so maybe this new positional job will work out for him.

      I do know that he comes highly rated as a real team player among the players that he played with during his long CFL career !!
       Best of luck to him in his new job.