Ticats Acquire DB Nedd for LB Barrenechea & Draft Pick

My boyfriend would agree with you GS. Apparently Nedd tried out as safety. From what I hear he hits hard and has good speed.

I think Auggie resigned the year after his big year and with the decline of his role probably wasn't worth it anymore.

I think the fact that we have some more Canadian depth also hurt Auggie. The ratio hasn't been that much of an issue for us as it has in the past.

Your boyfreind or Nedd.

LMAO!!! That is the first really good laugh I've had in a while. Thanks. I am invoking my right to remain silent. :wink:

(sounds of whistle blowing)

Major penalty 15 yards Objectionable conduct on Grassland!

If Borehamgirl's information is correct (about Nedd not her boyfriend) maybe they did go after him to play safety. God knows we need one! Now if we could get a good corner we could then move a few players back where they belong.

BG: there may be relationship counsellors available in the Yellow Pages for Greater Hamilton who handle Import Ratio disputes. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

BTW: Dr. Russ isn't in. :wink:

Oski Wee Dr. Phil,

LOL you are all crazy. I'm going to break my silence to say that my boyfriend is the most wonderful boyfriend in the world and he really knows football too. He'll give you his honest opinion when he logs on later.

No counsellors needed..lol.

While the ratio issue has been attributed to causing friction in many relationships, this is not one of them. :lol: Thanks for the kind words, sweetie.

As for Nedd, at 5'10", 197, he provides some speed and the capability to hit hard, but he is still inconsistent for the most part, IMHO. He seems to have a great attitude and spirit (judging from TC alone), and he was pressed into service because of all the injuries in the Esks' secondary. Listed as a DB, he has played mainly at safety, although personally, I wouldn't mind seeing him in a LB role, most likely at SAM. He still seems to be quite green as far as being in the right place in certain cover schemes, and he will need to be developed. For those expecting a bona fide walk-on starter, you may be slightly disappointed. He has some great potential, IMO, depending on his role. At any rate, all the very best to him in the future!! :smiley:

See, I told you he knows football. :wink:

I hope he pans out to something good ,Nedd that is.......

Umm, why did we have to give up a draft pick as well? I'm a little confused.

They get a sure thing in Auggie (and by sure thing I don't mean a sure starter but a guy we know is a capable back-up and a guy that can contribute on special teams) and we get a question mark.

If anyone should've been throwing in a draft pick it should've been Edmonton.

What is going on around here? Why do we always get had by Edmonton in trades?

Alright, before I snap I guess I'll wait to see Nedd play a few games and then we can bring this back up.

8) I'll bet you bake him chocolate chip cookies too, don't you BG !!!!! :wink: :wink:

All the time. :smiley: Oh yeah and thanks for letting my identity out to my cousin. I'll say I was a little embarrassed.... :oops: :lol:

Wait and see attitude is a great idea AMG. I think I'll do the same.

With Auggie playing out his option
this was movie to get somthing for him.
He May be back next year.

We gave up a 4 Round and Auggie for guy signed for 3 years. Smart move .

I wish Augie all the best. He had a big time opportunity last year to prove he had what it takes to be a starting MLB. My view is that the job was a bit to big for him. They're are very few CIAU trained MLB's in this league. He who will remain nameless in Toronto being one. Salary was likely a factor, with his current role being reduced to special teams on a sqaud that will not make the playoffs. The throw in 4th round pick is not a big deal. We'll be picking at the top of the first 3 rounds. Having said that, I like the guy. He brings game every week. This kinda stuff happens with a 1-9 team and a team that is desperate to find DB's they can build around for the future.

barrenechea probly ask for a trade ! and that all we could probly get fot him

novascotiakid wrote:
The throw in 4th round pick is not a big deal. [quote]

It led me to see who the Ticats chose in the 4th round of the last five CFL drafts. With one exception so far, novascotiakid is correct that 4th round picks have not had much of an impact on the Ticat team.

In the last four CFL Drafts, the Ticats selected these players in the 4th round:

Robert Pavlovic TE (2007)
Chris Sutherland OL (2006)
Jeremy Steeves DB (2005)
Connor Healey DB (2004)

Healey, Steeves and Sutherland either did not make the active roster or had short stints on the Ticat roster. Ironically, Steeves has spent time on the Edmonton Eskimos' roster this season. Pavlovic has returned to play for South Carolina in the NCAA this year and may be at Ticat training camp next year.

The exception? The Ticats' 4th round choice in 2003, Agustin Barrenechea!

So maybe he is heading down the same road as those listed.