Ticats ‘about to’ take interim tag off June Jones

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According to CFL sources, Ticats and interim head coach June Jones are about to take the interim tag off, as early as next week. Did a remarkable job this season, his players love playing for him. #Ticats #CFL


Great signing. Fantastic coach.

Can't wait to see how he builds this team going forward.

The Cats were a lot of fun to watchafter June Jones took command.

Enjoy the positivity while it lasts, June. You wont believe how fast it can turn on you here.

We need you guys to be competitive next year with us in a stronger East division.
So by all accounts Jones may get you there, together with some new FA signings and decent return in the draft.

Doesn't this mean according to Drew Austin will be gone?

Austin's guaranteed Contract expires at the end of the 2019 season.
He is VP of Football Operations and will remain so IMHO.
It would be Austin, Mitchell and Caretaker that would negotiate June Jones Contract.

i think it means, according to drew, austin is already gone, there's just a force ghost sticking around for media availability.

There's been lots of hand wringing and worry lines in faces over the past few weekswondering if June Jones would be back for next season and beyond...

Now that the signing seems immanent, instead of excitement and joy, there's negativity.

I guess there's just no making some people happy.

Not sure where you are seeing negativity

I am ecstatic, we have taken this very FIRST step towards respectability.
We need to build a team that is in the top three in the League.
I could only imagine where Popp and Trestman will take the Argos in their second year, first year has been very impressive.(Reminds me of Austin’s first two years)
We need to have a complete season, not just the first half or second half, as has become customary with the cats.

Here is hoping the Ticats brass gets it done.
What’s step 2…

This is not negative....

"Enjoy the positivity while it lasts, June. You wont believe how fast it can turn on you here."

Jones did a very respectable job since he took over. Unfortunately the talent level on the current roster would probably only achieve about a .500 record as was just demonstrated. There are some glaring holes on this team and Junes Jones success will also depend on if Tillman and Austin bring in the right players to address the problem areas. Most notably the O-Line and DBs.

Argos were only a .500 team and they're in the Grey cup....

I love our OLine and our DBs were great once healthy. The interior of the OLine is set with our 3 Canadian starters and the tackle positions were solidified with Washington and Matthews. Who on the OLine would you replace?

The statement is actually spot on and is the sentiment of practically an entire frustrated fanbase.

Go back to the post Grey Cup Lancaster era all the way through to Maas, Printers, O'Billovich, Glenn, Arland Bruce, Cortez, Burris, Fantuz, Austin, etc.

Every season there was always somenew saviour recruited that would lead us to the GC promised land and it never materializes because of some other managerial missteps.

So surely you can understand a fanbase's skepticism.

It just doesn't get more positive.
The players want it, the fans want it and if he is going to re-sign it proves that the upper management and June Jones want it!

There was definitely improvement in the O-Line as the season went on but this line is not of the same calibre as what the Stamps have. BLM seems to have all day to throw. His pocket rarely collapses and that's why he can pick you apart. They're not too shabby on the run blocking either according to Cornish and Messam. Hufnagel always seems to find better players. Like Obie used to say, "better is better".

Yes, the Argos arena the grey cup, but how impressive is a .500 season, really?

How impressive is an Argo .500 season and a Grey Cup appearance ? really ? Answer : Really no impressive than a Ti-Cat .500 season in 2014 with a Grey Cup appearance . In reality the bar is set pretty low in the East . One can even ask how impressive is a sub .500 season ? Answer : Ask the 2016 REDBLACKS .

With a advertising slogan like “IS IT JUNE YET? how could you get rid of this guy!?$

Also from June’s point of view at his age it’s the perfect job being a CFL coach done by end of Nov then June can spend the off season in Hawaii drinking pina coladas and playing ?? golf that’s a dream job and a tough go!

And may I add the Run and Shoot master is making Ticat football exciting again!