Ticats A .500 Team By Labour Day? It Could Happen!

Well, the Ticats are 1 win and 5 losses after the first third of the 2006 season. They were one or two plays away from being 3 wins and 3 losses but that is history now.

It is crucial for the Ticats to make up some lost ground during the next third of the season. If the Ticat offence and defence can play at least at well as they did against Montreal last night, and if the Ticat special teams unit wakes up, this team has a reasonable chance of going 5 and 1 over the next six games and being 6 and 6 by Labour Day.

Here's why. Four of the next six games are Ticat home games. There are two games each against Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Toronto over the next six games. These teams are tough but they can be beaten. If the Ticats can split with Blue Bombers and sweep the Roughriders and Argos, they can climb to .500 by the two-thirds mark of the season. It could happen!

I believe!!!

Labor Day of what year?

An Argo fan

Hi BarneyFife:

You spelled it "Labor Day". Maybe you really do live in Mayberry! Anyway, come on down to Ivor Wynne Stadium on Labour Day this year to watch the Ticats beat the Argos and reach the .500 plateau.

We stand a good chance of beating the Argos the next two games at Ivor Wynn I feel.

So maybe thats not the best time to visit Ivor Wynn BarneyFife.

The West end zone pre game experience is worth it though.
You get to watch warmups from the dead ball line .

A much better experience than other stadiums.

Now beating Bombers twice and going 500 at Labour day...very long shot.

Sadly or good for us I guess we are only 2 points out of a playoff spot. With back to back wins against the Peg we are right in the thick of things. I think a record of .500 or just below will get you into the playoffs this year. Teams are to close in talent. Time to get her done boys.

I believe

I believe! :rockin:

I have tickets for the Aug 12th game at Ivor Whine Stadium (Section B I think). My 1st time ever to see a game in Hamilton. I'm looking forward to it.

An Argo fan

Travel Tip: Wear something black, or if you must wear blue, pick something very stain resistant :slight_smile: