Ticats 42 Sask 28 This Saturdays predictions

And there better be 25,000 plus for this game. There is no reason it shouldn't sell out......


Glenn - 411 Yards passing 2 TD's
Cobb - 91 Yards rushing 1 TD
Bruce - 145 Yards Rec. 1 TD
Stala - 81 Yards rec. 1 TD
Trafralis - 1 TD
Defense - 1 TD


I will take a 1-0 win. I agree, lets sell the stadium out. Sask. thinks they are the CFL. Let's show them people that Hamilton is for real !!

The Riders have a great offence, but I think we do too, now that Glenn is in there. I think it will be a high scoring game, with Hamilton coming out on top because the game means more to us.

I find predictions do nothing but jinx games. Lets talk actual numbers after a win.

Playing to host the western final in Regina is about as big a reason as there can be for the Green team. This game will be intense beyond anything the TiCats have experinced this season and in fact for many seasons.

The test is on, we need a full house of loud fans and a team that wants this so very bad.
The importance of this game is incredible and will set the stage for the last week in Winnipeg.

No prediction for me but I ll place a small bet on the Riders, because I never win bets on the Cats either way. So if I stand to loose a couple bucks then I know the Cats are a shoe in !!! ...

Fill the place !!!
PS. Please support any player who may happen to get into the game Saturday, no more booooo's unless there the scary kind.

After that last game against Peg I don't what to expect from the TCs, and that last game against the Nots I have not built a hole lot of confidence for me in the TCs. I'll be pulling for them as always but who knows what to expect. :roll:

I'll stop short of predicting a score but I will predict a Tiger Cat, hard-fought victory. I think this game will be decided on the last drive, whether it's a last minute score or a defensive stand. That just seems to be the way things are going in the CFL and this is a meaningful game. I love how the end of the season is shaping up in the league this year. It couldn't have even been scripted much better.

Tiger-Cats 38
Roughriders 32

Last two games the offense has been firing on all cylinders, and it's the defense that's let the opponents hang in.

Need pressure on Durant.

6 points in the second half is 'all cylinders'?

I wasn't looking at a portion of the game but rather the whole, in which the offense netted 417 yards of offense, 74% completion rate and zero turnovers against the best pass defense and 2nd overall defense in the league..

Thats fine, but it doesnt address the fact that the offense somewhat stalled in the 2nd half, generating only 6 points.

The game shouldnt have been than close, and I don't blame the defense for letting the opponents "hang in".

I do. Did you see Tisdale's bonehead gaffe that let to a TD. I'm talking abut the missed interception along the sidline that went through his hands and the reciever caught it for a big gain?

Then there's the 95 yard TD play. Two bonehead play by the D that let the blue team back into the game, At that point Glenn marched the O down the firld and finished the game.

I don't thionk the game was THAT close.

But yes, the O should have scored more than 6 points in the 2nd half, but the bottom line is, they scored when they needed to and controlled the clock when they needed to.

That's the key as I see it.

Durant has had a problem with interceptions this year. . . partly due to his being relatively 'green' (no pun intended) at reading defences, and it also seems to me that it happens more frequently when he's rushed.

That said, pressuring the opposing QBs has been the Cats' defence's achilles heel this season it seems to me. Terrific linebacking corps, and the secondary is good (and not so good when opposing QBs have all day to find a receiver). So it will come down to Hamilton's D line against Saskatchewan's O line.

Hope they step it up.

Yeah...I agree that was a brutal play (Tisdale's). But it is in fact only one play.

Did YOU see the big third down stop in the first half? Did you see that they only allowed TO to score on three drives?

If not for an offside call (because of being lined up there..not jumping)...that didnt even effect the play..we are done 7-0 after the first play from scirmmage on offense.
We settled for field goals again.

YES, they scored when they needed to. YES, they managed the clock when they needed to.

BUT they shouldn't have needed to. The game should have been well in hand.

It was a good victory, but I would not say they 'fired on all cylinders' and that the defence let TO 'hang in'.

yes it is if it a 6 cylinder engine :lol:

Tiger-Cats 23

Roughriders 18


:lol: :lol: your nuts thinking the Riders lose this one Riders defence is firing on all cylinders it could get ugly for the Ti cats, i take the Riders in this one 10 points :)

With respect to the last game, I don't really put much value on the fact that we only scored 6 points in the second half. When we were up by 20 at half time, they new that all they had to do is not turn the ball over, and keep the Argos from scoring on big plays and they had the game in the bag. The defense had a couple of gaffs and the momentum was starting to swing. The Ti-Cats offense then answered emphatically by moving down the field and killing any chance of an Argo come back.

This was a solid controlled win, where the Ti-Cats new the only way they would lose is by beating themselves.

As far as Saturday's game goes, I'm not sure what to expect. At first glance it would appear that both teams have a lot to play for, but in reality either of these teams could easily be looking ahead to next week's game. The last game will decide who gets the home playoff in the East, and who is in first in the West.

The Ti-Cats have shown all year that they match up well against anyone in the West, and a lot of these teams are pretty similar. The home field advantage should be big. Saskatchewan has not blown anyone away recently, a luck OT win against BC, a tie against Calgary, a 10 point win at home against TO, and a 3 point loss in BC. Hamilton may have only won its first game in a while against TO, but they played well against Montreal, and the offense looks much better with Glenn at the helm. This game should be close, watch for Hamilton to win with a strong defense in the 4th quarter. The weather could play a factor as it may be cool, and/or wet, and/or breezy.

My prediction 27-23 Hamilton.


Riderfan23 we don't care what you think :smiley: :smiley: