TiCats 2018 Training Camp Practice Schedule

I take it there will be no rookie camp
I suppose that since none of our 2018 draft picks have been reported as signed yet,
maybe there is no reason for a rookie camp to be held. ???


There's a good depth chart for training camp included here:


There are a few errors, in it, to correct:

Among the DTs, "91 Robinson" should be 91 Richardson

Among the DEs, "97 McEwen" should not be there. (Jack McEwen, #99, is listed with the DTs)

Among this year's draftees, shown in red, Buren (Justin) should be added to the WRs

(Another draftee, Marcus Davis, is unlisted, and should not be. He will attend meetings but will not participate, on field, due to injury.)

Thanks for the info ottawacat

The team usually hands out a complete player listing @ the camp. It's usually one of the media/PR interns. They generally walk amongst the people there handing it out.

They haven't had a depth chart but a complete listing both alphabetically & numerically.

I'll say I always enjoy checking out training camp. It's interesting to see how they manage so many players doing so many things and getting so much done in a relatively short time. It's a real study in logistics and efficiency and management etc. It really underscores how professional these organizations and people truly are.

At times it's like a wild multi ring circus of chaos! Position groups working on techniques. Then break out to 7 on 7 passing at one end while linemen/linebackers work inside run game stuff. Then they quickly break into special teams drills. So much is happening all over the place with nary a minute wasted.

It's also interesting to see how things change from one regime to another. For instance I thought Bellefuille ran a really good camp. Cortez much different. Then Austin's approach. It's fun to watch.

I encourage everyone to try and make it down if you can. I enjoy it even more than much of the regular season to be honest.

Based on that chart... it looks like they aren't doing the 2 National receiver thing. So we will have 6-7 guys compete for 1 spot.

Only really the first 4 and Chapman will make the final cut IMO. Aprile and Faub-Luss are valuable on ST, so they will make it.

Ticats training camp preview part 2: the defence


Many unanswered questions on this side of the ball!
Defence will need to be much improved over last season.

Just a few interesting observations when looking at Drew's projected Camp depth chart :

  1. Nikita Whitlock is listed at both DE and also at RB . It kinda speaks volumes about his versatility at being capable to play multiple positions considering that although he is undersized being listed at only 5' 10" / 250 lbs that he played mostly inside last year as a D-Tackle .

  2. At linebacker the chart is showing 6 players at Will , 5 in the middle but only 1 listed at Sam that being Mariel Cooper . One would have to think that some of the over flow at the D-Back position will be considered and tried out at this troublesome position as Camp progresses . There is also the possibility that a player or two listed at Will might be flipped over to the other side . This position has been one of the defences Achilles heels ever since Erik Harris left a few seasons back . The team has never had a suitable reliable replacement for Harris it seems cycling thru at least a dozen different players in this time with mixed results and no one sticking for any length of time with any degree of success .

  3. The D-Line is impressive and strong in depth showing 2 deep at every position . It will be rather difficult for any of the newbies to crack the starting line-up or unseat any of the 4 back-ups as listed .

  4. Interesting that Drew has Damarr Aultman listed ahead of Toliver as the starter at WR . It makes one wonder if perhaps Toliver may not be at 100% as of yet to start on opening day after his season ending injury in last years season opener .

  5. At the Z receiver position we can delete Aprile's name who has since been released after this Chart was drawn up .

  6. No one listed at the FB position on this chart . I'm thinking that perhaps we see Timmis possibly getting a look here as the replacement for the departed CO Prime or even maybe the Swiss Army knife jack of all trades aforementioned Nikita Whitlock who played some at the position when he was with the NY Giants in the NFL.

  7. Although Drew has our 2018 Draft class listed on the chart as of this posting none have been officially announced as signing with the team as of yet .

8 ) Although the chart has imports or Internationals if you like listed with asterisks there are mistakes or omissions here as certain players including Quinn , Turzilli , Ross , Johnson , Binford , Hubert and Wilkerson are listed as being Canadian players .

Hmmm...someone's missing on this chart....can't place it.

June Jones is more into TE use than FB it would seem from late last season. Meaning the RB is the only true dedicated ball carrier, and the TE is only a blocker.

Going to need a good running game in November in Edmonton {frozen field} Alberta!

Well with Austin out then it just might happen.

Heading down to Mac with my Camara and Zoom lens , going to hide in the bushes or climb a tree and sell the pics of Johnny Canada to TMZ $!!!!

Just kidding Mods!!