Ticats 2011 opening video


Meh, didn't really do anything for me.

Liked the Bruce one, very symbolic.Down with the Alouette's!

not a fan of this opening

Last years one was better :slight_smile:

Too busy and too pepy for my liking.

I wish it were darker and meaner.

agreed, this is the a football team who plays in Hamilton, argueably one of the roughest cities in Canada, not the WWE

The 09' video was the best, it's too bad it featured Nick Setta, Chris Thompson, Prechae Rodriguez and Quinton Porter.

Worst video of all time. So disappointed with it and so many things on and off the field on Canada's Day.

I like this year's. Very well done! High energy, pumped up music, great action shots, highlights our stars. :thup:

Problem may have been the earlier start, and hard to see video baords because of the bright sunshine.

Yeah, absolutley love that video.

I love it as i felt honoured being the only fan shown in it 2 seconds into it with my Black Helmet on! :thup:

Absolutely! The best part was the song, IMO. Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell is one of the songs that gets me amped up. It’s weird, because it comes from one of the most depressing films of all time (Requiem for a Dream), but the song just gets my so hyped up I want to run through a wall. I wish they just would have updated the video and kept the song.

And this new one, is this an existing song? It sounded familiar, but I didn’t hear any lyrics. Anyone have any insight into this? Sounded like a metal song to me.

Now we can see why you are indeed the 13th man. Nice get up! :thup:

Thanks Captain! :rockin:

Just watched it....liked some of the game footage...lots of energy...will have to watch some more to catch everything...including the 13th man's "get up". Arland with a chain saw? I thought that shot would be more appropriate for Jamal or someone on defence...just a thought....

It's a sound-alike of "Master of Puppets" by Metallica, but with the balls removed.

For further reference:


Thank you, safetyblitz! That's exactly what it sounds like.

More macho & pro-football-esque in past years. This year, they are aiming to attract families with kids, so it was tame & a yawner.