Ticats 2009 QB!

Who will be the Cats starting QB in 2009?

8) Timmy Chang.

Adam Tafralis......How can you ask this question at this point in the season?

Probably a guy not even on the team--yet.

An Argo-Cat fan

Brady Quinn.

Mark my words.

;) lol

Lets see how he performs as a starter with a D preparing for him all week. Last year Mike Mcmahon had the same set of tools as Porter and performed very well as a back up then he got his start and is now working at future shop with Kerry Joseph and Lumsden lol.

If Porter can perform like last night on a weekly basis then yes he should be the starter in 09.

Nick Setta

I think if Bellefuelle is head coach next year (which I think he will be), Porter, Trafalis and Printers (only if he agrees to take a pay cut; otherwise he'll be cut or traded) will be around to compete for #1. Porter is very much Bellefuelle's guy, though. He likes the kid, you can tell (eleveting him above Williams so quickly after Taaffe was fired). And Obie found/signed Porter, so Obie would be pleased if he took over #1.

I think Williams has fallen out of favour becuase of his lack of arm strength, and that he'll be traded.

LOL...i'd be down with that

When he made that throw to Rempel all of us at my house were joking that Marcel should put Setta in as QB lol.

He did make a nice pass tho, nice spiral, above the waist..

Ya, and he never lost the handle either :stuck_out_tongue:

To even talk about Trafalis right now is beyond rediculous. Scratch his name out of this post because he's a walking question mark right now. I don't know him and I don't care what he did in college. If he is even on the roster he'll be competing for third string.

It seems all the sudden people have Williams right off the team. Talk about throwing someone under the bus!

Porter put together a couple of drives. He throws a nice ball and is accurate. It's going to take alot more to annointh him and throw palms at his feet though. Short memories in Tiger Town I guess. This has happened many times before. Also, on his successful drives he had absolutely no pressure in his face and the receivers were wide open. He better have completed those balls. With pressure on him he was very average. So, while I think he could have some potential I'll hold off on the backflips. I just hope Marcel hasn't preordained him and is now just playing out a script, making it look like he is auditioning him when he has actually already pencilled him in to the starter's position. This is what some seem to be suggesting.

Jesse Palmer is going to come out of the broadcast booth to start for the Ticats. Every week he'll give a rose to one of his recievers.

  1. Tom Brady - the incumbent with several good years left, but might jump to the NFL. Patriots rumoured to be interested due to injury to THEIR Tom Brady.
  2. Brent "Maverick" Favre - the wily veteran back-up good for emergencies and coaching his heirs, when not in jail or Rehab.
  3. Ronnie Knoxville - the hot young prospect out of U.S. college, but a Doug Flutie clone so the NFL won't want him.
  4. Jacques "Titanic" Dionne-Trudeau - token Canadian, also a punter-kicker as we couldn't resign Setta. At 2 metres 400 cm 148 kg also a tight end. A political major, off-field is in line for Liberal or Reform party's leadership. Also trade-bait for Alouette's 3rd string, or will be let go to Ottawa in the expansion draft of 2010.

As realistic as this thread can be.