ticats:2006 Grey Cup Champions

I am here to say that this team is prime ready to be champions of Canadian Football the depth of this team does not lie here is how i rate the postions so far:

Special teams:A


that will happen when toronto will get an NFL team

Does this mean you have picked a new team to cheer for?

I can't argue with this topic.

I am certain they got what is needed to become Champions. I can see them playing teams like the Als and the Argos to a standstill if it happens.

The cats have a great shot at the Grey Cup this year. They have improved big time, and a few teams will find out the hard way by how much.

technically every team has a chance at the greycup, but in reality The ticats and riders are guarenteed to be watching the GC from home. ticats suck. they have no defence and the only way they'll ever win is if holmes gets the ball every play and plays every position on defence. the ticats are a joke

How can you say everyone have a chance to win the Grey Cup the guarantee someone will miss the playoffs?

I think the Ti-cats will surprise a lot of people this year!

Let me be the first to say!
To all those who predictions proved true------- luckey guess!
To all those who didnt----- bad guess
Because thats all it is right now, a guess!

I'd be surprised (though obviously not disappointed :smiley:) if the Ticats won the Grey Cup this year. I'd like to see a home playoff game though...it's been a while since we had one of those. But I do think the championship is in our not-too-distant future.

As for Holmes being our only good player, Yogi, well, if believing that helps you sleep at night, then I won't try to change your mind. You clearly need all the sleep you can get...you're already delirious.

i'll be suprised if the ticats get into the playoffs

special teams B

aha ha ha ha you are one crazy bear!

Ticat fans and Leaf fans have a lot in common we always view our teams through rose coloured glasses. :wink:

josh ranek is 100x better than holmes

Maybe you should clarify that.

Yes, as much as I really like Ranek and the way he plays and the numbers he's posted, Corey Holmes is the more dynamic all-round player without question.

Ranek and Holmes are playing for the same team, Holmes will return kicks for decent field position and Ranek will run the ball down some throats. He can recieve out the backfield as well, my guess is that Hamilton offence will be on the field lots against any opponent. A rested and decent D will be no pushover either.

how ridiculous...........how could anyone think a 5 - 13 team could have a chance.............:slight_smile:

Of course they do. Remember, they BOTH were once owned by one of the biggest egotistical, maybe senile, joke pre-Glieiberguys: Harold Ballard.

qb b+
rb a
wr c+
ol b-
st b+
dl b
lb c+
db c-

not cup material yet but improved over last year for sure.
and i really like your backfield combinations with ranek, holmes, radlien. i think it may be my favorite in the league which is hard to say because i really do like roberts and regimbald could be good in the right offense. i miss the roberts sellers days. that was one stellar combination. i still can't believe we never won the cup with the offense we had in those days.