Ticat TV

Would the Ticat TV interviewer PLEASE hold the mike to her mouth when asking someone a question, so we can all hear the question?

+1 :thup:

Thanks for putting the Stripes "Mahna Mahna" video up on the site. That cracks me up way more than it should. Any chance we can get the dancing ref one up here as well (if it's not already here somewhere)?

I love it but I want the Chicken Dance Back Too
I miss it ..

i thought that they always cut out the questions and showed only the answers?

i hate when they play the Mahna Mahna thing because it’s always during challenges, and for once this season i would like to see the replays when they are challenged.

They probably don't show the replays because they know the fans will go insane when Jake Ireland sends back the wrong call :lol:

I was wondering if maybe they can't show the replay and that's why they play that.

I find that one quite annoying. I miss the dancing ref under the camera (even though it doesn't apply anymore)

I thought it was against the rules to show the replay while a challenge was on. You can show it after the challenge, or even before (which is how coaches often decide to throw the flag), but from my understanding, not during the review.

I'm annoyed that they didn't show a replay of Prechae's TD catch AT ALL. That was ridiculous. Booooo!

true dat.