Ticat TV Ad's need Fixing..

Was Watching the Argos/Riders Game..
Saw the Ticats ad
They Need Recut the Ads so Marshal is not in it.. Or Ad The Little General..

Good Grief!....who cares!....the average Ticats fan realizes that personnel changes happen mid-season....so what if some people remain in the marketing spots......sheesh!

Did it ruin your day?......relax! :roll:

I tend to agree...

Thank you for the note.
Our staff have completed the new television ads and they have been forwarded to all of our stations with clear trafficking instructions to replace and run the new spots immediately. It was our expectation that they would have been run this week. My apologies. Expect to see the new spots soon. Go Ticats! Adam.

Greg Marshall is not the Coach Anymore
We need are Ads to show That..


That was uncalled for. He was simply stating his opinion.

I'm sure that if there are people who stayed away from IWS because Greg was the coach, they already know they can start buying tickets again.

not so much that Vuarra... but i tend to agree with Onknight here.

It makes the marketing staff look slightly incompetant running ads with players that are no longer on the team. But a head coach is something that looks much worse.

Like all those times when am640 ran those maple leaf ads with lindros, allison and someone else and all three would be out of the lineup that night with injury.

it gives the appearance of stupidity.

not saying our marketing staff is incompetant or stupid. that, IMO, would be dead wrong. just that they need to contact the people in charge of playing the ads and request that that specific ad be pulled from the rotation.

It'd be like playing one with Scott Coe, Mike O'Shea and Troy Davis. (think about it)

yeh we need an updat in that section