TiCat Trapper Hat

Hey all…

weird request.

My dad’s been losing his mind about how cool the old yellow plaid tigercat trapper hats look and has been bugging me to pick one up “next time i’m at the stadium” (he’s been asking for a while)

unfortunately, the hat has also been discontinued for quite some time.

Guess the question is… anyone receive one of these as a gift and maybe kinda hate it and are therefore willing to part with it? PM me.

Sorry, I don’t have one. Were you successful at locating one?

Do you mean this hat?:


If so, it’s available online:https://ticats-store.myshopify.com/collections/clearance/products/buffalo-plaid-hat

No, its the one with the fold down ear flaps, and the fur.

Thanks tho.

(Still haven’t found one)

The Black and Gold Ticat version of this one kiddies.

I have one but sorry not going to get rid of it. have you called head office, maybe they have one or two lying around somewhere…its worth a try


Did you end up locating one?

I, too, have been waiting breathlessly for the update. Oh where has Drew Edwards gone???

Still no luck.

I have done a few google and ebay searches to see if I can dig one up for you but absolutely nothing shows up. :frowning:

You just know someone has a brand new one buried in their closet somewhere. Never to be worn and then eventually tossed or donated.

Maybe check a place like Value Village.

I have one if you want it. Let me know.

sure! PM me, we’ll work out the details

Gentlemen helping gentlemen :slight_smile: