Ticat Transactions


"HAM DEL IMP Kahlil HILL (WR) Iowa"

This may be a dumb question, but does that mean "The Thrill" is gone?

Did the Thrill sleep in again or is Ron starting to mold this team.

well then.... no good can come of this....

I believe that DEL is an abbreviation for Developmental Roster (i.e. Practice Roster).

Hill must have been put there initially, while they were making a space for him.

DEL = deleted.

Yep Cut Gone Released..

Of all the people that should be GONE they pick this guy.

I don't quite know what to make of this, but I'm not going to jump to any conclusions. If he is indeed gone then I'm sure there is a very good reason for it.


I can't wait to hear the reason for this very questionable decision. The guy shows/showed lots of promise even in that BC game with his return that he almost broke for a TD.

To say I'm disappointed is a colossal understatement.

On a team of mostly 15 watt bulbs, he was at least a 25 watter with the potential to be a 40 watter. I wonder why they turned off his light? There's gotta be a story there somewhere.

An Argo fan

Hill didn't look like the same player to me as far as his effort, from last year. he wouldn't be the first guy to go the NFL and come back sulking for a while. Brock Ralph has never been the same either since he tried the Jets IMO.

Have to trust Marcel on this one. It's his team and he has to set the tone for what he expects. Thrill didn't do himself any favours missing that plane to Edmonton. We also moved DJ to the reserve list. Be interesting to see who lines up at wide receiver next game.

hill did have a little blowup with 1 of the offensive coaches in the 1st qtr. but they seemed to patch it up later, maybe thats why he was released

An HSR driver informs me that he was not on the bus to practice recently when he should have been. After arriving late for practice, the team hired the special bus to ride him out of town.

This was among the Oct. 1st transactions too


Marwan Hage was already on the Active roster.

He played on Saturday. Confusing?

If this is a mistake, hopefully
Khalil's entry is a mistake too.

my take on this,if true,is that Hill didn't want to sign a 2 yr contract plus option..Desjardin(spelling)..had stated he would not sign anyone for 1 YR plus an option.Marcle wants committment from players


On the Cats On Cable TV Show Khalil said

that he had gotten the NFL out of his system
and he wanted to be here for a very long time.

I dunno, if he was gone wouldnt he be removed from the roster page?

Commitment, shimmitment. If the economic terms of the contract are suitable to both parties, any contract can be sealed. Long term contracts are basically a gamble, not a testament of commitment by either of the parties. The players are treated as meat.