Ticat transactions: Thyron, Pitts cut?

Now that the link to Transactions has been removed from the site, you have to go to www.cfl.ca, but look what I found. Am I interpreting this correctly?

Name: 2007-07-23: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 23-Jul-07

HAM ADD NIP Eric INCE (OL) Saint Mary's

HAM DEL IMP Thyron ANDERSON (WR) Grambling State

HAM DEL IMP Montavis PITTS (DB) Jacksonville State

NON-ACTIVE 23-Jul-07

HAM ADD IMP George GAUSE (DL) South Carolina

HAM REM SGD NIP Eric INCE (OL) Saint Mary's

Looks like Mr. Anderson might have worn out his welcome. Perhaps McCants will be starting at WR? Good to see Eric Ince might be getting a shot on the O-line soon...

Yes you appear to be correct.

It's possible Pitts could be added
to the Practice [Inactive] Roster.

Also another Import DL has been added

It's quite possible we're making room for McCants to start. Is it possible we're trading for Nik Lewis too?


With Pitts being released,I guess Cody will be back for the Winnipeg game. I also think you're right Sig, McCants will be in for Anderson. No big losses here and I'm just wondering how much longer they plan on hanging on to Nate Curry. I'll never forget MD's quote that "Richard Alston and Nate Curry will be household names in the CFL before the end of the season" in regards to are new, unknown receivers. Bleccchhh!!!!

It's 11:26 PM ET and Thyron Anderson is still listed on the active roster page at ticats.ca...

I found the item cited in the cfl.ca transactions section.

Perhaps there will be a fuller explanation forthcoming to clarify this.

Oski Wee Wee,

i cant find the transactions on cfl.ca can some1 giv me a link to them ?

Hopefully they have something up their sleeve, we need serious help at receiver!! We need somebody who can go up and fight for the ball!!


nvm i found them

CFL.ca trumps Ticats.ca Russ. He's gone.

Our ticats.ca updates sometimes
move at the speed of an avalanche. :wink:

Mc Cants will be moved to the active roster.

Here is a little information
on George Gause the DE we signed.

click here

This old scout.com website gives him high praise

click here

Anderson shows no heart at all. I wish him the best but I am glad he is not with the Cats any longer.

I was actually surprised to see them bring Pitts back so seeing him released again isn't much of a shock to me. Even in camp he was less than stellar.

Anderson Cut For Slow Start

Hamilton Spectator July 24 2007

Ken Peters

click here

Regarding Thyron Anderson, Marcel Desjardins said

"I told Thyron when he got here

'You have to make a good impression right off the bat.'

He will be likely either be replaced by

import Darnerien McCants

  • or Canadian Chris Bauman.

Pitts became expendable with the return to health
of veterans Jykine Bradley and Tay Cody.

Anyone know what HAM REM SGD NIP means? Hamilton and non-import I get, but what's the rest mean?

"Hamilton Removed Signed Non-Import..."

Our ticats.ca updates sometimes move at the speed of an avalanche.
Unrelated to the speed or late there of ticats.ca updating (I think cfl.ca jumped the gun by the way) Avalanches are suppose to be fast...right?

Maybe glacier would have been a better analogy.