Ticat Transactions- Oct 2/07

Here are today's Ticat transactions as reported on the cfl.ca website:

"Name: 2007-10-02: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 02-Oct-07

HAM ADD IMP Rashaun WOODS (WR) Oklahoma State

HAM DEL IMP Talman GARDNER (WR) Florida State"

I can't Believe We cut him

I hope Something else is up..

Maybe they asked Talman to go on the practice roster
one too many times, Onknight. They might think he is fragile.

As of 1930 EDT Talman Gardner still listed on active team roster this site.

We cut Talman?? That is crazy crap man, wow i cant even begin to describe how ticked I am.

Even how ticked I am cannot help but say Rashaun Woods has a ton of talent.

If it's true we cut Talman Gardner, I'm very sorry to see it happen. I thought he played well for us. It seems he was always on the bubble here though, both last year and this year. Even when he had a few good games for us early in the season, it didn't seem to establish him as one of our top receivers.

I don't know anything about Rashaun Woods; I hope he is very good.

Gardner who?

Obviously the coaches decided that they needed a healthier body in that position. Hopefully Woods can step up and do the job.

Woods was a 1st round NFL pick in 2004.

Lets see if he can turn those amazing credentials into a staring role in the CFL!!

There Still Chance Talmen just Deleted from Active Roster and Moved to Practice Roster

Rashaun Woods was cut by the Argos, couldnt catch balls over the middle. Great record at Oklahoma State. 6'2" 195 lbs.

Should have cut Walker first, the guy has been completely invisible.

I have to agree with you crash, they should have let Walker go. Its time for a change from the city of hamilton. He would be better off with another team.

You can call it what you want, but he hasnt produced. Other players have so unlike last year its not JUST the QB's fault... But then again you didnt follow this team last year did you?

Its time we got bigger at receiver... after all arent Import Receivers the easiest players to replace?

Hell I dont know if Imports are or not. Really dont matter nor care. But I called it the same as you.

I can tell you right now Woods is not the answer. I follow the 49ers (who drafted Woods) and he was expected to step in and be there #1. He couldn't stay healthy, he couldn't catch and was traded two years later to the Chargers who cut him in training camp.

A shame to see Gardner go. Hopefully they have something else up their sleeve because Woods will do nothing but disappoint.

Gardner made a handful of good catches early in the year, but against Winnipeg he was invisible. Every starter has to contribute.

I'm glad the Cats are looking at other receiving prospects. We are just not good enough at that position.

Other than the Armstead(returns withstanding), who did produce last game???
Gardner did show something in that one break out game...so he can produce.
Jo Jo should have gone first. I think Taaffe's loyalty to his Maryland player is clouding his vision. His decision not to put Curry back there on returns is also inconceivable.

As someone stated above, import receivers are fairly easy to replace. There are tons of guys in the fair to middlin' category. However, it's the elite guys like Arland Bruce and Geroy Simon who are hard to find. The Cats don't have a guy in that class--all their guys are interchangeable with the 1,000s of other guys out there so the search continues. This will test Desjardins abilities as GM.

An Argo-Cat fan

Our top free agent need next year is receiver.

To get to the next level, we have to break the bank on the best top-flight receiver available in 08.

It will probably be Simon (Printers' buddy).

Anyone else know which other top receivers are free agents next year?