Ticat Transactions - July 5th

Anyone want to comment on this?


We pick up a linebacker in Alex Joseph, but release these 3:

IMP DB DeWayne Lewis
IMP WR Deon Murphy
IMP DE Darius Powell
Who will fill in the gaps?

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Murphy was replaced by Aaron Kelly who was on 1 game injury list. I doubt that the other 2 players were on previous active roster. Non-import RB Samuel Giguère was added from practice roster.-I say Avon won't play-.

I take this opportunity to praise/congratulate the Tiger-Cats in well informing their fans and all CFL fans of their transactions. When players movements are made,we are informed immediately. Their roster is updated at the same time. There is no fooling around, contrary to other teams.

Generally speaking,the Tiger-Cats are always posting their depth chart quite ahead the CFL request of 24 hours before a game.A few minutes ago,none of the other 3 teams playing tomorrow have posted their depth charts. I won't be surprised if we have to wait tomorrow, in some instances. Often, I have to remind/ask a member of the Als-my team- if/when the depth depth will be posted.


The BC Lions have now posted their depth chart.

Every year I am amazed on how few BC players are injured; they bring the least players to training camp and they always have the few players on injury lists. Presently they have only 5,including 1 on 9 game.

Let's compare with a few teams:

The Eskimos have 17,including 6 on 9 game. 11 on 1 game.
The Tiger-Cats have 12,including 6 on 9 game.
The Als have 11,including 3 on 9 game.

Most of these teams-particularly the Als and Eskimos- cannot maintain so many players on 1 game injury list; if so they will go beyong the max.of salary cap.


It is actually easier to dress Cobourne now. The changes to the 46 man roster are:


Craig Ray
Deon Murphy
Kevin Scott


Sam Fournier
Marc-Antoin Fortin
Aaron Kelly

So we added 2 Canadians and only dropped 1, which means our four man reserve now will have two Non-imports and two
imports. Because Fortin can both long snap and play defensive end, you could put one of the American defensive linemen on the 4-man and still have 6 DL dressed on the 42-man.

The 4 man reserve could then be:

Baillergeon, Fournier, Kelly, Boudreaux (For example).

Nice to see Stala and Knowlton back where they belong. Maybe we could even get Avon into the mix at running back. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

You might just being asking for too much lol.

Having Stala start so that that Knowlton can as well, and having Eiben as a backup LB is exactly the lineup change that many armchair coaches here wanted to see.

And it does make sense to make this decision. Eiben did not impress last week, and Stala is good enough to be a starter last time I checked, which wasn't that long ago.

Interestingly, Stala is not listed as a starter on the depth chart, as you can see here: http://ticats.ca/depthchart/game/depthid/9655

That may be accurate. On that depth chart, I see that McElveen is now listed as a starting DE rather than Boudreaux. And R. Brown, who did impress in the second preseason game is now listed as a starting DT. And I'm quite sure that Baillargeon and Fournier were scratched last week. If Fournier were not scratched, I understand that he, rather than D. Brown, would have been the long snapper after Scott got injured.

Samuel Fournier was on the practice roster.


Either way, I believe Fournier will be scratched tonight.