Ticat Transactions- July 18/07

From the cfl.ca website:

"Name: 2007-07-18: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 18-Jul-07

HAM ADD IMP Montavis PITTS (DB) Jacksonville State

HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Jykine BRADLEY (DB) Middle Tennessee State



HAM EXT ON INJURED NIP Chris GETZLAF (SB) Regina - to Thursday July 26

HAM TFR TO INJURED IMP Tay CODY (DB) Florida State - to Thursday July 26

HAM TFR TO INJURED IMP Anthony DAVIS (RB) Wisconsin - to Thursday July 26

NON-ACTIVE 18-Jul-07

HAM REM SGD IMP Montavis PITTS (DB) Jacksonville State"

creative medical reporting 101. Why does the league go along with this stuff?

Yeah every year it seems teams seem to make up or glorify injuries just as a way to hide players from the practice roster or waivers.

I can't believe the league hasn't done something about it.

Well, I guess we can't complain if it works in our favour!

  • paul

What could the league do? They would have to send every injured player to a league recognized Doctor to confirm injuries. If someone has a sore shoulder who is to say how hurt they are?

Random testing Some of these are so obviously false that you'd be able to cherrypick at least one fib on every roster right now or any time recent memory. If teams knew they might get caught and the result was the loss of that player to a league draft .........

Yeah it would be difficult to enforce, but I am pretty sure the NFL has certain timelines and injury status levels that have to be declared during the week between games as to help validate injuries. Not just, "Oh Anthony Davis is mysteriously injured this week even though he hasn't dressed for a game this year." (And yes I do realize he could have been injured during practice.)

But like I said, I suppose everyone benefits from it at this point. So it is a moot point.

  • paul

Thats moo point as in a cows opinion.
It's moo.

Nothing wrong with this!