Ticat Transactions- Aug 7/07

Here are today's Ticat transactions as posted on the cfl.ca website:

"Name: 2007-08-07: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 07-Aug-07


HAM DEL IMP George GAUSE (DL) South Carolina

NON-ACTIVE 07-Aug-07

HAM ADD IMP Kendrick STARLING (WR) San Jose State

HAM ADD IMP Tony TILLER (DB) East Tennessee State


hmmm 2 new guys

i dont understand why we added a reciever after such a great offensive performance last week

but maybe talman is still injured?

I thought Gause showed well in the few games he was here.

here is some info i got on the 2 new guys

Kendrick Starling: was dressed for the Houston Texans in 8 games but only appeared in one game with one kickoff return for 14 yards and 4 tackles in 4 games on special teams

Tony Tiller: Played in all 18 games as a rookie for the Lions including 4 starts following the injury to Mark Washington. Played primarily as the Lions sixth deep back and made an extraordinary 44 tackles (8th), one sack and 4 interceptions (which placed him 2nd on the team). Tony also forced two fumbles and recovered two others. (in 2005)

I did a quick Google search. Tiller has CFL experience as a starter with Calgary, and Starling was in Edmonton's camp this year before being cut. It's good to see the Ticats are always bringing in new guys to make the existing players realize that they wil have to work hard every week to keep their jobs.

I don't think Gause or West have been effective at all on the D-Line since they were signed two weeks ago. McKay is our only D-Lineman who consistently pressures the QB. That has to change.

Here are three more items of information about Kendrick Starling:

  1. He was released by the Edmonton Eskimos earlier this year:

  2. According this excerpt of an article by Gil Brandt of nfl.com about the 2004 NFL Combine, Kendrick Starling is very fast:

"In the first group of receivers, 18 of the 24 ran and worked out. The last group saw 18 of 23 wide receivers work out. Rashaun Woods of Oklahoma State had a good workout, as did Kendrick Starling from San Jose State and Samie Parker of Oregon. They ran really fast times. Of those that worked out, there were some that ran in the low 4.4s with some in the 4.3s. Lee Evans of Wisconsin was one who ran 4.3, as well as Starling. Evans ran well, but did not do the field drills."

  1. According to this NFL Europe game report on Apr 29/06, Timmy Chang and Kendrick Starling both played for Rhein Fire last year and seemed to click well in this game:

What happened to Nick Kordic?

I guess he was released because he has not been listed on the practice roster for a couple weeks now.

Its a shame.. he really showed game in the pre-season.

Totally agree. Releasing Collier made sense if you had someone better, but Gause and West did not impress me one bit. McKay is a keeper, but the rest of the D-line, nothing special.

kordic probably ended up going back to school where i believe he still has eligibility

Collier was basically living off of the one game with the Renegades. Ever since then he was nothing special. Bring back Joe? :lol:

We should get Cheatwood back. He would be more productive than some of the D-line we have now.

The heck with Cheatwood, how about Grover Covington. :cowboy:

and Angelo Mosca :cowboy:

there we go we got the best d-line in the league now

With Gause gone who will be taking his plase?

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