Ticat Transaction- Oct 29/07

According to the transactions section of the cfl.ca website, the Ticats made one transaction today:

"Name: 2007-10-29: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 29-Oct-07

HAM DEL IMP Talman GARDNER (WR) Florida State"

Several weeks ago, the Ticats released Gardner but brought him back onto the roster a day or two later. Perhaps this latest transaction is part of a similar type of move. Time will tell.

Talmen is great guy …
I’ve got to know him this year
His is a Good WR needs to Bulk up…
He got great hands
Hope he is back

Not sure #83 is going to be so lucky this time.

Its almost a joke how he never got on the field considering when he did he made big plays but w/e.

he never got on the field because he's been hurt for longer than I can remember. I believe it was the WPG game on Aug. 3rd. I think he's a great guy and he can make big plays, but since he's been here he's been hurt almost the entire time.

If he was hurt why didn't they leave him on the injured roster? They transferred him to the practice when i felt he should start. He was one of the bright spots on the team while he was playing.

Was he hurt or was he just getting the shaft like Bradley? With this team you really have to think they do some stupid things.

Hw was the most talented WR on the team IMO. Marcel will have some spin. If he was cut because he was injured too much, I guess Jesse will be next. lol

We say the Same thing about Printers
He Can't stay healthy..Either

Oh believe me I've said that, Tom. :oops:

What good is a player if he’s always hurt? Not very good at all if, when he’s actually playing, he isn’t a difference-maker like Lumsden. Gardner isn’t a difference maker. We need tougher, better talent at receiver, and Gardner just isn’t the answer there.

Gardner has been given to trys in this league and hasn't produced. Plus, I believe he hasn't won a CFL MVP either.

How hassnt he produced he was the best reciver on the team when he was playing. if u wanna start cutting the recivers you should start with ralph he sucks

I’m also surprised at Gardner’s exit. Given the number of threads that fans have devoted to him on this site, why has there been no press release or story in the Spec? And why is this the second time he has been cut like this, this year?