Ticat Team Stats After Week #4 of 2007 CFL Season

Here are various Ticat team stats after Week #4 of the 2007 CFL regular season:

Ticat Offence
Average Rushing Yards Per Game: 111.0 (3rd)
Average Gain Per Rush: 7.2 yards (1st)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 227.3 (7th)
Average Gain Per Pass: 7.0 yards (8th)

Ticat Defence
Average Rushing Yards Per Game: 131.8 (8th)
Average Gain Per Rush: 5.4 yards (Tied for 5th)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 276.3 (6th)
Average Gain Per Pass: 8.5 yards (8th)

Ticat Kicking Game
Field Goal Accuracy: 90.9% (1st)
Average Kickoff Distance: 60.0 yards (6th)
Average Yards Per Punt: 42.4 yards (7th)
Average Net Yards Per Punt: 38.5 yards (5th)

Ticat Penalties
Fewest Times Penalized: 52 (8th)
Fewest Yards Penalized: 514 (8th)

Interesting stats.

I'm surprised the kicking numbers don't rank better.

Notice how we're 5th for allowing avg gain per rush, yet we're 8th for allowing avg rush yds per game. I guess that's an inidcation that the defence is on the field for too long.

90.9% FG accuracy! Huge improvememtn from last year, and one that cannot be underestimated.

haha...well we definitely have lots of rookies to choose from but I`d definitely pick Setta based on this years performance to date.

One stat missed, 4 games played, 4 players released.