TICAT TALK after after 3 games :

TICAT TALK after after 3 games :

Pinters is a real gamer and getting better each game
I hope Lumsden stay healthy as he looks better than we'd even hoped
We are stacked at rb with Cauley and Smith behind Jesse
This defence would be screwed with Moreno
We still need a go to reciever .
Seems Baumann is coming around .
Woodcock is a gamer
The O-line looks great but can we continue to use an american tackle at guard ? using 3 americans on the o-line
We have no pass rush and no defensive tackles that can stop the run
What are they doing with keith ?
Mariuz is not a starter and not a repalcement for ARMOUR
Knowlton is a starter and gamer
Beverage just doesn't have it
Glasper has not shown much
Bradley rocks
Thompson and Robinson are keepers
When will we start Cohen ?
Where is Ernest Jackson
i hope we don't let caulley go

Something tells me this statement was missing the word OUT ... as in

This defense would be screwed withOUT Moreno!

As for the D ... Yes I think Moreno needs a bit of help out there ... I saw 3 Riders on him many times during Saturday's game ... they KNEW they had to hold him back!

I agree our pass rush so far has stunk.