TiCat Survey

I very much respect the fact Mr. Young has dedicated his time and money to the TiCats. Along with his financial support, he has infused a sense of passion, stability and hope that we have lacked for quite some time. I, like Mr. Young, decided to support this team financially when it was down and continued to do so during some incredibly bad seasons. Certainly it hasn’t been at the same financial level as Mr. Young; however, on relative terms my funds are significant to me.

As a season ticket holder I took the time to complete the survey. I haven't been able to find the results anywhere and have asked the club for the information but have been unsuccessful. Having taken the time to complete the survey I have every expectation to see the results, as I know many other season ticket holders do. Certainly I expect the TiCats to be transparent with the information collected. Isn't this the implicit agreement of completing the survey?

If the the intention of the club was to use the information in some private way as leverage for city negotiations they should have declared as much.

I suspect the results were not supportive of the TiCat position and, thus, they have been suppressed. If it was otherwise I'm sure they would have been splashed on the front page of the Hamilton Spectator.

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My recollection is that, at the public information session held at the Art Gallery of Hamilton last Saturday, Ticat president Scott Mitchell said that the survey results would be released but he did not provide a specific timeline. However, one would gather that the survey results will be a topic of conversation at the upcoming talks between the Ticats and the City of Hamilton.

and one would gather the survey results will be a topic of conversation
of the upcoming talks between the Tiger Cats and Mr. Michael Fenn

and Mr. Fenn may[?] share the survey results with Mayor Eisenberger.

Has the Mayor surveyed the taxpayers?

Hopefully the voters will exercise their democratic rights October 25 and make their voices heard.

I would be inclined to think that the results of the poll supported the teams position, at least to maybe a small majority. It was after the poll that the Cats went public with their concerns, so maybe the poll helped make up their minds.