Ticat Store Sale

Hey all,

Big Sale going on at Centre and Jackson Stores.Everything (except authentic jerseys and helmuts) are on sale at 40-50% off. Alot of items for stocking stuffers/Christmas etc available. If no sizing is available, will do my best to get it for you. If not... SORRY in advance.

Hope to see some of you at Centre.
oh ya... I take double milk in my coffee...

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how long is this sale going for?

white lumsden jersey???

The sale will be on for awhile. We do not have any Lumsden jersey in store. To clarify, when it comes to Crested jersey's, we will sell you the blank jersey at discounted price... but the cresting is always and will always be Full cost.

On a side note...nice to see people in the store today telling me they saw my post about the sale. Thanks
for coming in guys.


I'm from Waterloo. Anywhere I can buy some TC stuff around this area?

Check out Sports Check in Conastoga Mall they had a couple of shirts and sweaters early this year.
Also check out Zellers, yes Zellers they have Argo and Ticat t-shirts for sale and Zehrs (super stores) has realy nice children size Ticat and Argo shirts and jerseys for sale too.

Not much to choose from but its a start. :slight_smile:

Hey Bopp.. if u check out the on-line store or call me at centre mall mon-fri.. i can help you out with any of your merchandise needs.