Ticat Store Letdown

Hey Cat management. Cat fan in town from Quebec. Stopped at your store at THF and was underwhelmed. Hardly any choices for T-shirts and you didn’t have medium or large sizes for a lot of items. Also, why don’t you have yellow hats with the team logo?


Whoa... what a coincidence. I can't find any yellow hats with Ticat logos at the Bomber Store either. Whatever this phenomenon is, it must be league wide.

The Bomber store carries other teams’ merch?

I'm SURE it does. But whenever I ask they tell me it's sold out. Then they giggle just a bit. This 'other team's merch' must be hot stuff.

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White shirts for the heat have been hard to come by as well.

Great Merchandise brings in a great profit if they choose correctly what will sell .


How's the supply of X-Large? Usually that is the size I always have difficulty finding.

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Double x for me ... seems to go fast .

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The online store is the same as the THF store.

Just before the season began a staffer told me they were having a hard time getting in larger sizes.

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