Ticat Store at Jackson Square - Does it really exist?

Can anyone confirm that they've actually seen the Ticat Store in Jackson Square open?

A month ago, I drove downtown after work one evening to order a custom shirt for my kid, and pick up some other gear for a family member I was going to visit. Figured they could do the custom order and they'd have the best selection of other stuff. Closed - OK fine, Jackson Square doesn't open at night like a healthy mall.

A few weeks ago, headed down on a Saturday for the same reason. Got to be open Saturday, right. Nope -closed - closes at 4:00 Saturday and it was 4:15.

Today, headed down again, payed the 5 bucks to park, and headed in - 1:15PM, got plenty of time, right. Nope, closed again, although according to the posted hours it should be open. No explanation - maybe it doesn't open on game day?

My mistake - as a fan, I should be aware of the myriad of factors that go into determining whether your store will open on any given day or not. But should I really have to work so hard to buy a damn jersey. It's all well and good to keep your store in a struggling mall to support downtown renewal,or to get cheap rent, but stores that are never open don't revitalize a downtown, and they don't make money to pay the rent.

I still love you, put on a good show tonight and I'll hire a crackerjack team of researchers to find out how I can go about getting my son a Cody jersey in time for Christmas.


My fee is very reasonable (if you have a lot of money).

his piont is the store is open on Saturdays....not
this company is a joke! period

Ah, but there's the problem - that's where I looked after the first failed visit. Your link leads to this:

Jackson Square
2 King Street West
Hamilton, ON
L8P 1A1
Hours: M-Sat (10-5), Sun (Closed)

while, as mentioned in my post, two Saturdays ago they were closed before 4:15 (or never opened?). Today, a Saturday, closed at 1:15 (ditto). Sign on window at store says Saturdays 10-4.

Guess you need better researchers :stuck_out_tongue:

Those snotty "NFL or nothing" punks at Sports Obsession Limeridge that people are always complaining about are seeming like a pretty good idea right now - at least you can predict when they're gonna be open.

BTW, not really that big a deal, was just a bit P'd off after a third wasted trip in a month. :frowning:

Ahh yes, but my link also leads to these other locations

The Ticats Store

Jackson Square
2 King Street West
Hamilton, ON
L8P 1A1
Hours: M-Sat (10-5), Sun (Closed)

[b]Centre Mall
1227 Barton Street East
Hamilton, ON
L8H 2V4
Hours: M-F (10-9), Sat (9:30-5:30), Sun (Closed)

Sports Obsession
Limeridge Mall
999 Upper Wentworth Street
Hamilton, ON
L9A 4X5
Hours: M-F (10-9), Sat (9:30-6), Sun (12-5)

Sports Obsession
3485 Fairview Street
Burlington, ON
L7N 2R4
Hours: M-W (10-8 ) Thurs-Fri (10-9), Sat (10-6), Sun (12-5)

Pen Centre
Hwy. 406 at Glendale Ave.
St.Catharines, ON
L2T 2K9
Hours: M-F (10-9), Sat (9:30-6), Sun (11-6) [/b]

Lots of other options. It's only a 10 minute drive from Jackson SQ. to Centre Mall. So my research was just fine. :wink:

Not this season, but in the 2 previous seasons, I have made trips into Hamilton to the Jackson Square Store and they were closed during posted business hours. Peeved me off too.

...OK, but since the hours posted on the website for the flagship location have turned out to be fictitious, what evidence is there that the hours, addresses or even existence of the other stores can be counted on? :?

I'm probably looking at it wrong. When you go to a football game and you expect a win, you'll go away disappointed half the time - OK, 75% of the time. So if you go to a football team's store during it's posted hours, maybe it should be the same way. It's the never knowing for sure what will happen that makes attending Ticat games and attempting to buy Ticat gear so exciting.

I still question your sources, but at least I now see my wasted trips in a new light - maybe I'll head down next Saturday as well - I'm bound to hit the jackpot eventually . :slight_smile:

OK, but since the hours posted on the website for the flagship location have turned out to be fictitious, what evidence is there that the hours,
Probably because the stores get fined huge by the mall operators if they open late or close early.

I would image the Jackson SQ store gets away with it because of the sorry state of that mall and the operators are just happy the space is filled.

maybe I'll head down next Saturday as well - I'm bound to hit the jackpot eventually
I'll ask you same question I asked a friend that worked on ships when he told me that three of those ship sank.

Didn't you the the hint after the second time? :smiley: :wink:

You'll find gold at the Center Mall location... i have been through that mall at different times and have still had the luxury of browsing that location for TiCat paraphenalia

I also Headed down to the store on Saturday 30 Oct 06 and it was indeed closed. They missed out. Iwas going to but one of those rain ponchos for $7. Instead I bought them at the game 2 for $5. I guess the store might close on gamedays but I was extremely disappointed about the store being closed.

Add me to the list of those who found the store closed on Sat 30 Sept. My wife and I come in from St Catharines and spend time downtown before every game. By contrast, the Hall of Fame is open on game days. Get this: it actually believes that more football fans (you know, its market) might be around on those days.

PS-the guys at Sports Obsession in St Catharines are great.


so the staff can set up early at IWS
to sell Ticat merchandise there.

That was the only logical explanation I could think of (although how many staff does it take to keep a smallish store open for a couple of hours, one?) - but it would be nice if the store hours on the website, or on the front of the store, gave some indication of that.

BUY ALL YOUR ITEMS AT THE CANADIAN FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME!!! Do the Cats deserve anymore of our money after this season??? :roll: The Hall Of Fame staff are much more professional and friendly and they are a non-profit organization!!! :thup: Thier items are cheeper and they are ALWAYS open when they are supposed to be!!!
Let's spend our money on an organization that has class. :thup:

Sports Obsessions has more locations, better hours, and if they don't have something on their shelves they'll go get it for you.

I wouldn't walk into Jackson Square without armed protection.

[quote="Ockham"]Sports Obsessions has more locations, better hours, and if they don

I thought you would have been packing your razor for all and sundry trips downtown.

Just a note the Pen center location is worthless.

That seems harsh if you're talking about the St Catharines store. Granted, they don't carry much Ticat gear, but they'd probably order something if you make a request. They had gold jerseys the day they were released, and right at the entrance. They've always handled my ticket requests very quickly, and they've always been willing to check into things (like the discount sales held at the Roar Store) when they weren't notified by their head office.

Agree-store should be open GameDay, I always take a bite from the food court before game, if it was open I would be buying Ticat merchandise there every game. Makes sense to open the store on game day. Can't they have someone stay there?