Ticat Statement at 4pm Tomorrow

First of all, let me say that I appreciate all your input and kindness since I've been on this board today. Thomas, thank you for the opportunity to pick your mind a bit.

Also, if you have noticed on your front page, there is statement to be issues tomorrow at 4pm by the Ticats about Taaffe. There is no other information available, but WVU coach Bill Stewart said the new OC will be known by tomorrow. What is your guys take?
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You are all more than welcome there to vent, chat, or whatever.

Besides that, do you think this new statement implies he might be going? I kind of read it that way. If this is what happens, I do truly feel bad for you guys. As I told Thomas, the coaching situation sucks right now for everyone. I wish things didn't operate in this fashion. Even if nothing happens, the rumors alone can damage a program.

I think he is gone back to the US.

Sorry man. What are the odds in our timing of that Q&A session? I mean, literally, this broke seconds after we did it...

I read it that way as well.

Here is the way I see if he is gone. He should be on the hook for what ever expenses the Ti-Cats have and will incur to replace him. Also he should be personally liable for the ast. coaches that were hired recently on his recommendation if the new head coach decides they don't fit into his scheme.

Ya I had Feeling he was gone..
This puts the Ticats in Real Bind..

You think his replacement will win 3 games or less?

Right now I would be Surpised to see us with Less wins.

The guys is 27-27 in regular season and 2-2 in playoff...

Not exactly Don Matthews we are talking about here more like Danny Barrett or Tom higgins. Yes he did ok in Montreal but consider he had guys like Pringle,Ham,Cahoon in their prime.

I would agree with you 100%. I don't know enough about contract law (or Canadian law) to know it they can do that, but I agree with you 100%. Any coach that bails should be responsible for damages if they breach the contract. That's what WVU is in court for at this moment with our ex-coach. I would be thrilled to have him at WVU because I think he would be a great coordinator, but I really feel for you guys if he leaves. I would just ask that you don't hold any hatred for WVU fans, as we clearly have no control over any of it.

Should have been quite obvious to all the second this story broke Charles W. Taaffe was gone.

BTW, why are there so many meathead cops patrolling Ivor Wynne these days? Why aren't more vegetarian and vegen food options available?

After what ive been reading from UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN VIRGINIA message boards about Canadians? Its kinda hard not to.

**Please note i called the school by the wrong name because i know they're watching.

We know that ..
Personally I am long Horns Fan.
Hook'em Horns
I don't Blame Mountaineer fans at all
I Blame your Coach for Going after a Man Under Contract

I Blame Charlie for Not Honouring his deal

This is the second time Taafe heads back to the NCAA after a short stint in the CFL. I think we've seen the last of the most overrated coach in modern day CFL. At least lets hope.

Actually Stewart use to work FOR Taafe tells you how well his carreer has gone.

I think the 2008 season of the Ticats has just got a whole lot more promising.

To be honest, there were some people posing as Tiger-Cat fans on there for a couple of days saying some really nasty things. The anti-Canadian remarks you see are responses to that. Even with that said, we do have some idiots that I will not defend. I just ask you not to paint with so broad a brush.

I have Canadian friends living in Virginia and they have always been well treated. Great place, great people.

PS: Your President is a psycho, draft dodging cokehead (had to say it )

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone in the U.S. that would disagree with you. I didn't vote for him.

To the previous poster that complimented Virginia, we are a different state. West Virginia seceeded from Virginia at the start of the civil war.

So West Virgina is kind of like Northern Quebec LOL!

373 days till light shines on America again, keep the faith, we are.

They even make Bush countdown T-shirts. Hopefully the Greenback still buys one of those shirts by the time the countdown runs out.

Good luck with Taafe. He will do well if you guys can run the ball.

I hold absolutely no ill will toward any fan of UWV. Every message board on the Internet has trolls and no one should look at them as a true representative of the of the real fans.

If what we all think is going to be announced is, the only hatred I have is toward coach taaffe.

If what we all think is going to be announced is, the only hatred I have is toward coach taaffe
too bad Charlie dont surf.